Friday, February 26, 2010

NOTICE to all following my blog

So far, under the DMCA remorseless, blind removal of music blogs and blog posts without seemingly any rhyme or reason, blog posts here are being removed, ostensibly because of "copyright infringement."

Strangely enough, three of them had no mp3s at all. One was an atheist essay, and one was anti-$cientology.


Never fear, fans. I have other blogs that mirror this one, just for such an occasion. Please make a note of it in your browsers bookmarks, in case Google decides to take down this entire blog.

Mondo Diablo
Hellbound Alleee on Atheist Nexus

So, in case I have other posts to make that aren't podcasts, I'll go ahead and post them on the other mirror blogs as well.

And I promise I'll let you know if an inordinate amount of anti-$ci posts get deleted. (And I may just go ahead and repost them. Really, I mean, some of those were from several years ago, so I don't really give a crap anyway.)

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