Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mondo Diablo Episode 288: Which Old Nick?

I'd like to thank the Reverend Jehovah Jones for sending an email after I asked for one last time. Thanks, because it gives me content I don't have to create. This week, I take a look at the film "Santa Claus," a 1957 Mexican movie, and MST3K's take on it. We also have Nick Danger's Third Eye.


1-Satan Speaks
Krampus 1
The Günter Noris Trio * Winter-Allegro Non Molto: Colder Than?
The Rhodes Kids * Christmas All Year Through
2-The Devil Likes Rude Little Boys
The Günter Noris Trio * Fireside Fun
Augie Rios * Donde Esta Santa Claus
The Günter Noris Trio * Slippin' In the Sun
The Glad Singers * Deck the Halls
Scrooge * Main Title
The Superions * Santa's Disco
5-Launch 2
Woody Herman and his Orchestra * Santa Claus is Coming to Town
8 more shopping days
Cthulu Lives
6-Weird Theology
Frankie Yankovic * The Merry Christmas Polka
Harry and the Potters * Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
7-Firesign NBC 1
Jo Ann Castle * Skaters' Boogie
Mae Questal * I Want You for Christmas
8-Firesign NBC 2
Crachit and Tiny Tim
Mel Blac * Ya Das ist Eine Christmas Tree
9-Firesign NBC 3
Scrooge * Toy Shop
Williams Brothers * The Holiday Season
10-Firesign NBC 4
Guy Lombardo * He'll be Coming Down the Chimney
The Psycho Skeletons * Good King Bob
Krampus 2