Friday, November 04, 2011

Mondo Diablo Episode 327: Noizes with Mr. F Le Mur

I have so much stuff by Mr. F. Le Mur, I had to share more of it, and also rant--and rejoice--about this coming Black Friday. I much prefer looking at it from the other side of the counter, if you know what I mean. Actually, I prefer looking at it from home, in bed.


1-F Le Mur * Car Car Talk Talk1
Car Squwak 2
Alleee 1
Ray Davies * Read All About It
Hello! From the Book of Mormon
2-F Le Mur * Diet Fat
Car Car Talk Talk 2
Car Squwak 3
Ray Martin and His Orchestra * Van Der Valk
Gilligan's Planet
3-F. Le Mur * Eat More Pussy
Car Squwak 4
Nationwide * The Good Word
Perry Mason's New Theme Song
4-F. Le Mur * Sermon
Car Squwak 5
Eomir Deodato * Thus Spake Zarathustra
Stairway 2 Britney
5-F Le Mur * Sittin' on Top of Bob
Car Squwak 6
Mystery Song 8
Stayin' Alive in the Wall
6-F Le Mur * Spacetime Forecast 2
The Bible Says
Ruth Welcome * It Might as Well be Spring
The ECC * Rebel Without a Pause
7-F Le Mur * Stretch My Rubber 2
Stretch my Rubber 3
Alan Hawkshaw * Solar Energy
The Residents * Man's World
8-F Le Mur * Uh Uh
Week Edition 10
Dave Baby Cortex * The Happy Organ
Les Badouins Morts * Blind Geveld
9-Mr. F. Le Mur * Bob News 2
Bob's Newest Now
Tortue Super Sonic * Pop Up
10-Mr. F. Le Mur * ONDCP1

Alleee 2