Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mondo Diablo Episode 359: Super Spooky Stories

Prepare to be chilled and thrilled by three children's Halloween records.


Spooky 1
Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra * The House is Haunted
Gene Kardos and his Orchestra * Zombie
Spooky 2
Linda Harvey * Halloween is Demonic
Dick Robertson and the New Yorkers * Hell's Bells
Charlie Barnett and his Orchestra * Horror Fantasia for Spooks and Wild INdians
Spooky 3
Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra * The Goblin Band
Charlie Barnett and his Orchestra * Pompton Turnpike
Spooky 4
Honey BOOOOOOO Booooooo
Albert Finney * See the Phantoms
Betty Grable * Halloween
Spooky 5
Johnny Amoroso * Haunted Heart
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross * Halloween Spooks
Spooky 6
Yummy Sound
Cab Calloway * The Nightmare
Change the Way You Think
Spooky 7
John Wayne Gacy on Clowning
Thurl Ravenscoft * Children's Day at the Morgue
Gracie Fields * He's Dead, But He Won't Lie Down
Spooky 8
Preparation for the Landing
Fran Allison * Punky Punkin (the Happy Pumpkin)
Spooky 9
What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs
Bing and the Andrews Sisters * Yodeling Ghost
Alleee 2