Monday, May 30, 2005

Resistance is Futile

Crap of the Day

There is No Hope

Caption reads:
Goes to show: Persons may try to get God out of the government, but He will still shine through.

This is apparently a real photo from Yuma that circulated around the internet from 2002. It does not look in the least like anything miraculous, but according to the person who wrote a letter accompanying it (see the article in Snopes), it symbolizes that Resistance is Futile, and Christianity is Borg. It symbolizes that the people of America, no matter how important their beliefs to the contrary are to them, will always be ruled by Christianity.

Luckily, you Americans can rest easy, because it's some sunlight shining through a piece of cloth--not "God shining through the government of the United States," like our drooling friend would have us believe. Actually, if you want to apply any real significance to the shape of the wrinkle on the cloth, you could interepret this picture in many ways.

If you think the wrinkle is a cross, you could say the picture symbolizes that government is a tool of killing religion, just like the cross was a tool for killing their martyr. But mostly I see the picture as a symbol that the owner of the car dealership that put up the flag is attempting to appropriate a partiotic symbol and an American tragedy to
pass the deals onto you, the customer. Wouldja look at the size of that flag? It's like Mr. Burns is trying to blot out the sun. The symbol in this case is that the car dealership is using an American tragedy and a frighteningly large flag to pass the savings onto you, the customer.

But the real meaning of this photograph is that people will use anything and everything to validate their stupid beliefs, and it would be rare to make it through a whole day without having a picture like this shoved in your face.

Now that would be a miracle.


Aaron Kinney said...

At times like this, the theme song for the movie "Team America" comes to mind:

America, fuck yeah!

Kalanchoe542 said...

Salesmanship comes in all forms. It must be a huge boost to this guy's business that his flag just happened to be stretched in such a way that he could land himself a customer base of the faithful (read: brain-dead). Not only does he get to profiteer off of the souls of the poor halfwits that signed up for this man's army, but now he gets free adverting in every religious tract under the sun. Advertising it as a miracle or whatever the hell else you want to call it is a travesty of all that is humane and decent.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Rev. Barky said...

"I see a cross in the flag" - why, its Pareidolia

breakerslion said...

Can you say, "warp and weft?" Good. Now, what do horizontal and vertical threads in a piece of cloth imply about the way that light will be reflected off of it? How long did the camera man slink around to line up that shot? You know, people used to use their brains a little more often than mollusks do. I think it's about time to set up another "Mystery Hole" tourist attraction. "Just a little closer...closer..."

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Hellbound Alleee said...

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