Sunday, May 29, 2005

Respect For Human Life?

The anti-abortion neo-conservatives are saying that stem-cell research is wrong, because it's killing humans in order to save them.

Unless those humans are in the army, or middle-eastern, of course. I mean, lol, they don't count as human life, obviously.

Anyway, there are about 400,000 specimens waiting to be used in research. What happens to them if they cannot be used to, say, help save and drastically improve the lives of countless human lives? Republicans: are you going to volunteer to get them implanted in your uterises where they will grow and become your children? Oh, wait. Haha. Like they have uterises. How about your daughters? Are they ready to step up?

No, the politicians know very well what will happen to those specimens, all those potential human lives. How many potential human lives coming out of congressmen have ended up on the hair and chins of hookers? Can anyone get me the numbers on this? What I'm saying is that if you're talking potentiality here, you can have infinite regress. every month, young women like me are dealing with our 4-7 day mass murder with chocolate and advil. Hey--I'm 38. My womb could have been used for at least 25 potential humans. Call the fucking police.

The neo-conservatives care about life, all right. As long as it is unborn. George W says there's no such thing as an "expendable human." Tell that to the kids in Iraq. Tell that to the 3500 unexpendable inmates on death row . The Bushes should know something about that.


Aaron Kinney said...

Comendy Central's "The Daily Show" took a stab at the Bush admin. when the pope died. Or, more specifically, they called out the Bush admin's bullshit.

Republican congressmen and the White House both attempted to link Bush's policy with the policy of the Pope's (as if thats a good thing). They kept mentioning "Culture of life" and White House press secretary McLellan (I think thats his name) talked about Bush's "culture of life" and the popes "culture of life" and linked them together.

A reporter in the crowd asked him (to paraphrase) "Bush's pro-death-penalty views are in direct opposition to the popes, and wouldnt that be hypocritical to link Bush to the Pope as both having a culture of life?" Well the White House had a funny time squirming out of that one!

Bush doesnt know shit about stem cell research. The bill that got passed in Congress recently (that Bush threatened to veto) only deals with excess donated embryos that would have been thrown away anyway. So Bushs "I wont destroy life in order to save it" argument is defeated. But I doubt that will stop him from standing in the way of scientific progress!

Kalanchoe542 said...

Remove the "mystery of life" hype and bullshit from the mix and there wouldn't be much to talk about, now would there? Life, like shit, happens, and it happens every day. Are they going to start censuring people for the 80% of pregnancies that end in spontaneous abortion? I mean, what the hell, can't we prevent our bodies from rejecting a defective fetus? What were we thinking? No, science cannot create the spark that makes cells live, but for a long long time they thought that bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly because of their fundamental lack of aerodynamics. Well, now they know that flight for these ungainly creatures IS possible, because they were lacking (or didn't consider significant enough) some details that make the equation work. Just because we don't understand something doesn't make it a miracle. It just means that dumb shit humans are at it again.