Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Basics of an Evil Belief System

Dear Internet Diary,

Again, the crazies have infiltrated my blog. I know that I have preached against engaging these folks in debate, as their ideas don't deserve that sort of respect. I just wanted to include this as a sort of learning tool. This diatribe lays out exactly what these screwed-up beliefs are, and why we must combat them, even when they come in seemilngly "peaceful forms.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of monkeys, "Reverend," how do you manage to live with the gnawing fears induced by your religion, Darwinism?

1. They are dishonest, in that they try to make science into a religion, because religion is silly. Yet they turn around and profess the Absolute Truth of their own religion.

Consider merely the theory of evolution. This is a theory that, from our earliest days in primary school, we are taught as scientific "fact." Today, children probably learn it on the Discovery channel long before entering school. It colors much of our more relevant thinking. In itself, however, it remains data. Most of us don’t give it a second thought. Yet the implications of the theory are profound.

2. They claim teaching evolution will harm the very core of society. They make up a world where The Powers That Be force evolution on innocent babies. They imply that there is a kabal of leaders in a conspiracy to indoctrinate children into a terrible cult.

Suddenly… All of creation is an accident. It no longer even qualifies as "creation." Instead, it is flotsam and jetsam. All change is merely mistake and there can be no such thing as progress. Even those that would argue that mankind is a plague or an ecological cancer have no footing on which to base their claims. There can be no good or bad, better or worse. All that exists is garbage.

3. anti-materialism. The fallacy that if things are made of other things, they are "garbage."
4. The lie that natural selection is random chance.

Regardless of the point of view proposed, what value can be placed on the mere firing of neurons?
See # 3.

The orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church are the only source for a meaningful understanding of the human soul and its relation with God. Look at the fruits of the other beliefs.

5. The non-sequitor of one's favored sect being the "only truth," with nothing to back it up. See also # 8.

Atheism led to the death of millions of innocent people, under the evangelical atheist leadership of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. Islam, that religion of "peace," has led only to a world of suicide bombers and acid throwing fanatics. Judaism--i.e., the cult of those who rejected Christ--has led only to centuries of usury, conspiracy, and sexual immorality, of the kind we see in Hollywood today.

6. The fallacy that totalitarian governments had any interest in promoting anything other than the religion of the State

7. Anti-semitism and racism

Christendom, on the other hand, is the fountain of all beautiful art, sacred music, and true science in the world. And yet, Christians are the most persecuted people in the world today, unable even to practice their faith openly in America today. Blasphemy reigns supreme, and heresies are the common currency of the land.

8. Ignorance of history, world culture, world art. Lack of good taste. Purposeful ignorance of the horrifyingly ugly schlock coming from Christianity today, ever since the mid-1800's, and has gone on that track ever since. Failure to notice that folks like Bach were mere employees of the Church/State. Failure to notice that great music comes from the hard work of men, not gods.

"BTW" (as you like to put it), let me fill you in on a little secret, Miss Hellbound. Jesus does not look kindly on blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. What kind of education did you have, anyway? You are now in mortal peril for your soul. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's not easy to get out of this one. I'd suggest a trip to the Vatican poste-haste -- but it might be too late for you. Our Lord has said that no one will be forgiven a blasphemous utterance against the Holy Spirit, nor in this life, nor in the next.

9. Failure to notice the obvious similarities between the evils of totalitarian states and the idea of "blasphemies and heresies." Failure to notice subjective nature of such, tied into racism, anti-semitism, ignorance of history and world culture.

Typical stuff. Note that it's nice to see that some Christians can write and spell well.

Thanks for listening, diary.


breakerslion said...

Well done! Brava!

Hellbound Alleee said...

I generally despise poetry--when it`s posted on blogs. But I was feeling a little peaceful just now, listening to a piece of music by an atheist. It`s from the musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." It illustrates an atheistic idea that emphasizes that materialism is not random chance, and maybe it's not an anthropormorphized idea of "luck."
...and it's about a transexual. Eat it, Maureen.

Song: Wicked Little Town

Forgive me, for I did not know.
'Cause I was just a boy
And you were so much more

than any god could ever plan,
More than a woman or a man.
And now I understand how much I took from you:

That, when everything starts breaking down,
You take the pieces off the ground
And show this wicked town
something beautiful and new.

You think that Luck
Has left you there.
But maybe there's nothing
up in the sky but air.

And there's no mystical design,
No cosmic lover preassigned.
There's nothing you can find
that can not be found.

'Cause with all the changes
you've been through
It seems the stranger's always you.
Alone again in some new
Wicked little town.

So when you've got no other choice
You know you can follow my voice
Through the dark turns and noise
Of this wicked little town.
Oh it's a wicked, little town.
Goodbye, wicked little town.

Aaron Kinney said...

This anonymous Soldier of Christ posting in the comments of your last blog entry is so classic. I love to watch the programmed insanity of his/her statements.

Funny that they proclaim godlessness to be the doom of humanity, but they fail to notice the overwhelming modern evidence to the contrary.

Compare Europe to America. Europe is way more atheistic as a population than America is. Yet Europe has the highest quality of life ratings in the world! They have less morality legislation (read: more freedom), but they have less crime, less drug abuse, better heath, longer lives, lower teen pregnancy and STD rates, and an overall more educated and happy population (ever hear of the American brain drain?)

There is a ton of quanitifiable evidence that shows that the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE, is also the MOST ATHEISTIC.

And thats the bottom line. Now, all true American patriots that love their country should do the responsible thing: help their fellow Americans by DENYING GOD! If you pledge allegiance to Jesus first and America second, then you might as well get the fuck out and go where you belong: Christian Africa.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Well, Aaron, I don`t know. The evidence actually shows that the countries where women have the most reproductive freedom are the countries that are doing the best. There is positice correlation between abortions and low crime rates.

Catholic countries can`t claim that.

But as for your last statement, I don`t pledge allegiance to gods or countries. What`s the point, for instance, to pledge allegiance to America, when it has an immoral government and endorses christianity?

Aaron Kinney said...

Oh yes Alleee, I totally agree. Im very pro-choice. More reproductive freedom = more happiness and less crime. That what I was actually saying in my Europe thingy: Europe has lower teen pregnancy rates and less STD infection rates because of their liberal sex-ed policy and easy access to sexual and reproductive health care. Europe has more abortions as a percentage of pregnancies than America IIRC.

The reason I pledge loyalty to America is mostly as a weapon against the Christian right. When I bitch about America they ask me "why dont you leave?" And I reply "because I am a patriot and I love my country and I want to make it better. Im a true American"

If I get all "Paul Revere" on their asses it takes away alot of their thunder. Besides, I think its important to push hard for positive change in America and be a patriotic atheist because if you dont, then you are letting a hyper-power run arond unchecked and the world wont see that some Americans really do care about positive change. The best way to affect change is from the inside.

Rev. Barky said...
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Rev. Barky said...

Hey everyone -

THE HOLY SPIRIT EATS DOG SHIT! Uh-oh! Exactly how much time do I have to spend in purgatory for that one?

JESUS IS FAGGOT! Holy crap! Am I going to hell NOW?

GOD SMELLS THE ASSSHOLES OF YAK HERDERS! Are they, like, going to turn up the hell fire to - say, 6 or something on me?

Maybe the trinity is too busy "circle jerking" to take the time to strike me down at the moment.
LAZY, MASTURBATING HOMOS! - Oh, shit! There I go again - mercy...mercy!


For crying out loud alleee - non sequitur, non sequitur, non sequitur. ;)

1:49 AM

Hellbound Alleee said...

OK, Aaron, what is a country, and why must you love it? If you were from another country, should you still love "America," in order to fight the religious right?

Or is it better to love yourself and your own freedoms, rather than a land mass and everything between its borders, because you live in between them? Can you not effectively fight ignorance in your own best interest, rather than the best interest of...what? The economy? The people? Do you actually "love" all the people of America? And how is that possible? Is the American Government something that you love? Is it an ideal?

Does that ideal actually exist?

Do you think I am detrimental to you, an American, since I left America?

And what does it mean to "be" an American? Does the identity own you, as the government does?

What are your beliefs, and are they based on reality?

Aaron Kinney said...

Good questions Alleee. Im going to start off right now and admit that some of my patriotic beliefs may not be too rational.

I didnt choose to be born in a world with countries and imaginary boundaries. Im trying to do the best with the hand I was dealt. Personally, I think humanity should look at itself as one big globe, not a bunch of divided countries. Between you and me (and the whole damn internet) I would rather have a one-world government where everyone "belongs" to the same "country", and that country would be, simply, planet earth.
Having said that, I do recognize that I am in a world where countries and "patritoism" exist, and I also recognize that I am in a world full of stupid religions that hurt my fellow man. I want to help deconvert people and help spread progressive ideas. To do that, I need to relate to people to a certain degree, and I need to position myself carefully so that I can still get my message across without alienating too many people.

When in Rome, do as the Romans right?

Most Americans, especially the ones that are really religious, are also very patriotic. If I dont acknowledge this and work from "inside the system" it will only hurt my cause.

I dont look down on you or any American-born human that leaves for another country. If I had a choice, I would move to Ibiza and become a Spanish citizen and party my ass off for the rest of my days.

I love Americans just as much as I love all humans. Do I love the American government? No. But I do think there are some things about America that are worth championing, parrticularly the capitalist/economic type stuff. Not really the social/cultural stuff though.

Honestly, America is like the closest-to-capitalism developed country out there. So thats one thing we got going for us. Europe has a superior cultural and social system (morality legislation, progressive public policies etc...) but they are way too communistic with their economy.

But I digress. I guess what Im trying to say is that I have to pick and choose my battles. I also have to acknowledge facts of reality that I may not like or agree with. To play the patriotic role in todays world helps to serve my purpose, especially considering that I am a radical atheist that wants to literally wipe religion off the face of the Earth. I need to have common ground to relate to the enemy (The American Christian Right) and disarm them to a degree. I need to be able to take some of their weapons away from them (their patriotic alienation techniques). I cant get very far with a Christian right-winger if they just spout out crap like "why dont you move to France!" I need to have a response for that.

You can affect much more positive change in a situation if you work from the inside rather than from the outside. :)

Hellbound Alleee said...

OK Aaron, but answer me this: if you think you have to work "from inside," why don't you call yourself a Christian? As you said,

"Most Americans, especially the ones that are really religious, are also very patriotic. If I dont acknowledge this and work from "inside the system" it will only hurt my cause."

This is my position, and I wanted you to know I have very good reasons for it. I think, using your logic, there is no more reason to be anti-christian from an "insider" position of patriotism, than to deconvert people from patriotism from an "insider' position of Christianity. There is no more reason to believe in patriotism than there is to believe in Jesus and God. Patriotism, I think, is a kind of religion. I think it is a bad one.

That said, I wonder: if you think you have to be a patriotic person to convert people, then why in the world would you think I would have a chance in hell of doing the same thing? Not only am I decidedly against patriotism, I am an EX-patriot!

But I still say it's impossible to love everyone in the world or just everyone in the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Samoa. I mean, how many guys out there are named, say, Brian, and how many of those suck donkey dicks? I don't mean specifically, since it might be nice for the donkey, but how much could you possibly love all possible Brians in the world, Aaron? Some of them are priests who diddle children. Some of them are just guys who like to say "par-tay." (What's not to love?) Some of them like to torture cats. So, I mean, you love them all?

Aaron Kinney said...

Well the reason I dont convert to Christianity is because while I am pushing to end religion, I am not pushing to end patriotism. I understand and agree with most of what you are saying, but I am not much of a political activist. My political/national sentiments are only accessories to my atheistic sentiments. The core of my interest and the core of my activism is religion/belief based, not political/national based. Its like I am picking and choosing my battles.

Now, lets say that our wildest dreams came true and we eradicated religion from the planet within our lifetimes. At that time I would likely re-evaluate my patriotic position and may even start a fight for global unity and the dissolution of countires and borders.

I do care about America, because I am concerned about its actions around the world. Like it or not, we all have to acknowledge that America exists as a country -an entity- in a globabl population of other country-entities, and America is the most powerful one. America can do the greatest damage, or the greatest good. As long as it exists, and as long as I am a citizen of it, I need to excercize the little power my citizenship brings with it and work for positive change. That means I have to participate in the voting process, and voice my opinion to my govenrmental representatives (senators and congressmen and such). I am not patriotic because I believe in nationalism as a good thing. I am patriotic for the serving of my purposes and for the picking and choosing of my battles.

But I still say it's impossible to love everyone in the world or just everyone in the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Samoa. I mean, how many guys out there are named, say, Brian, and how many of those suck donkey dicks? I don't mean specifically, since it might be nice for the donkey, but how much could you possibly love all possible Brians in the world, Aaron?

What I meant, was that I love humanity as a whole. Not in some altruistic sense, but in the sense of identifying with all other humans as I am one myself, and we all are sharing this trippy ride through the universe. I am an "innocent until proven guilty" type of guy. Sure, I condemn criminals and molestors and things like that. I also support the death penalty (gasp!) but these instances refer to individual people who have proven themselves not to be decent people and to be deserving of punishment or even destruction.

I remember when I was a child I read about feudal Japan. Way back in the day, the Japanese werent too aware of other societies outside of its own island. Japan was like thier entire world in a sense, and it was divided up into different warlords domains, like a bunch of little countries all splitting up the island. When foreigners and whites visited Japan, and Japan became more aware of the size of the world and the existence of so many other areas outside the island, Japan gradually shifted its scope of dividing lines. Japan ceased to exist and a bunch of kingdoms on the island, and instead because one single nation among a globe of other nations. Its like humans are obbsessed with drawing dividing lines according to the scope of their known realm.

I am looking forward to the day when the world stops drawing these lines among continents and instead considers itself one big happy family, the same way that Japan united into one country when the scope of its realm increased from one small collection of islands into a collection of continents on a globe.

Alleee, we share the same goals I think. I'm just being selective of my battles and the focusing of my energy. Am I being hypocritical? Quite possibly. Am I being inconsistent? I would not argue against it. Why am I being so? Because my political/national/global concerns are vastly overshadowed by my religious/belief concerns. I dont think people can understand this global/national scope problem until they first learn to ditch the religious problems. I think that, internally, I am focusing my efforts on the religious problem and saving the nationalist problem for later. As a result, I play the patriotic American game to a limited extent. But in all reality, I am nothing more than a 26 year old resident of Los Angeles. That means Im a hippy and a Hollywood degenerate acording to all red-voting Americans. I hardly think I even qualify as a "patriot" according to the majority of Americans.

Aaron Kinney said...

sorry for writing such a long reply! I didnt realize how big it was until I posted it.

Hellbound Alleee said...

OK. I understand. But being patriotic isn`t about tactics. Patriotism is still a belief. Using it towards your goals isn`t a reason to be patriotic. It`s a reason to pretend to be patriotic.

Yes, I know we have the same ideas on almost everything. But I think we are on different pages. I still don`t see any reason to be patriotic (not "use patriotism") except because you have faith in it.As you said, the belief is irrational. I guess that's all I wanted to know.

But here, in cyberspace, and here, in my blog, we are not in America. That's what people don't understand about the internet. This is the whole world.

Aaron Kinney said...

Well said :)

bleedingisaac said...


I'm human
residing on a
particularly named
harboring no
peculiar alliegence,
I'm human.
Nor city,
nor state,
nor country,
I'm human.

Rev. Barky said...

Patriotism can in itself be just as bad as a religion. I am a citizen of the US but I see no reason to glorify the institution or worship it. I seek to preserve and defend my way of living because, for the most part, it is the byproduct of all have worked for in my lifetime. But this must be done rationally and with respect to others who share our planet if at all possible. I am distainful of the attitude that equates patriotism to a football match. USA! USA! Our way, all the way - our way is best for us and everyone else and if you don't agree you will be smashed! I call it "pickup truck patriotism".

There is both pride and shame with respect to the US. It is unfortunate that all the flags and stickers smack of extremism and fascism and it is more difficult to own a sense pride today.

I've got a good ribbon sticker for the car - "Pity our Troops"