Monday, July 04, 2005

Sorry I Haven't Updated

...but it's just too damned hot! It's hotter than the planet Venus served with a half-cup of 600,000 scoville pepper sauce.

OK, it's not that hot, but I'm practically a snowman, and I like it cool, and it's like a tropical greenhouse fill of bromilliads and things.

How do you do it? Do you get a glass of some drink with paper thingies in it, wear a big hat and pretend you're on vacation? It just doesn't look paradisey in here. It just looks like an apartment in the poor part of Anjou, Quebec.

An air-conditioner might be forthcoming, if I can get Francois up. I fear he might be hoping that he wakes up too late to go out. HA! HA! I say. It might be the 4th of fucking July, but it's Canada, so HA! This is how I plan on celebrating my Independence From America, by ordering a Whirlpool from Sears.

As you can see, the heat has left my brain stewed and mildewed. It is on siesta until I can get it cooled the fuck down.

It also refuses to do any work until the Hellbound alleee station is back to normal. The servers are going off like fireworks all over the world, and mine was one of those little sparkly stars with the little tail that makes a squealy noise. So my schedule is slogging, and I have to manually keep it going. I have no sense of time, so your favorite program might be a little late.

Thank you for your patience. I don't take customer complaints.

The station is now back to normal, thank Almighty Tech Support.


Rev. Barky said...

Just to remind you of how patrotic we are down here on the 4th - while traveling north on I-35 in MN I saw grafitti on a rural overpass that said: "ABORT LIBERALS, NOT KIDS".
I reported it to the FBI and the DOT.

These are the same kids they send to the elysian fields of Iraq shouting "USA, all the way!...."

Aaron Kinney said...

I live in Los Angeles. Its hot down here and I LOVE IT :)

Heat makes girlies take off their clothes LOL. I was at the beach on the 4th and got nice and burnt.