Sunday, July 10, 2005

How? you get an "A" from Professor Fuck?
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From Free Conservatives dot com:
I doubt if too many people have actually seen air -- evidence of air? Yes. ACTUAL air? No. If YOU have seen air, maybe I should believe YOU to be INsane and UNintelligent because I and so many others have NOT seen air.

Yes, Fundies Say the Darndest Things is back, sort of "wikkified." This is great news. You can find a lot of great quotes from fellows like our good friend Jason Gastrich, who, unfortunately, will not be on our show anytime soon:
My statement was supposed to read, “90% of the world believes in God.” If this were the only proof of God’s existence, it would be pretty weak. However, it isn’t and it is a very interesting fact in support of God’s existence.

It's good for my psyche, I think, to stop getting angry and trying to refute "arguments" from people like this, and turn it into a refreshing moment of hilarity. Really. Why be angry at this:
As a God fearing Christian I can and will tell you what is right and wrong and when you are in the wrong. If you persist in trying to further your progressive agenda then you will force me and others like me to take up the sword and destroy you.

The automated site (that's pretty much the same as the old one) can be found here.

"Theorizing that any human skulls are directly related to non-human African apes by evolutionary descent is a form of scientific racism. "

john crawford

Ahhhh. Life is good.


Oh Reason, I have to show you this:

"Seriously, this happened .... My son has a t-shirt I bought for him last year. He wore it the other day and I noticed around the surfing logo is a very well cleverly hidden skull face. He has had this shirt for a year and when I looked at it before buying it I didn't see it either until two days ago. My husband has a "hawaiian shirt" that also has the skull on it cleverly hidden in its pattern. He wore it several times before I saw the skull in the pattern. He had the shirt a couple years and never noticed it.

Can't be too careful these days as they imbed stuff into what you buy and you never know it."

KittyCat, Rapture Ready
Too good. too, too good.


Hellbound Alleee said...

"Years ago on a family vacation, my son-in-law had a pillow pushed against his face during the night as if in attempt to suffocate him. No one else was in the room. He had to struggle to push the pillow away.

At that time, there is no doubt that he was the member of our family who had the closest walk with the Lord.

Later I found out that the house we were vacationing in was owned by atheists who were also nudists.

There was a presence in the house that did not want a godly young man there."

UNeverEverNo, Rapture Ready

Bliggety Blast Circle said...

That is absolutely hilarious....and scary. I used to say that I was always amazed at the ignorance and outright stupidity of human beings. In the last two years I find I can no longer stand by that statement. I cannot be amazed, only ashamed to be associated with my fellow hominids.

Aaron Kinney said...

LOL I love making fun of rapture ready. I did so recently at my blog too!

Hopefully someday the rapture ready type of fundie sites will be looked back on in the same way that we today look back on flat-earthers.

breakerslion said...

"....There was a presence in the house that did not want a godly young man there."

I confess! That was I. I am really Beelzebub's lesser-of-two-evil twin Beelzepal. I am the one responsible for making dopey young men believe that they are eating a giant marshmallow in their sleep, and then exaggerating the tale later. Together with my brothers, Beelzebuddy, Beelzemack, and Beelzefred, I wander the earth doing ineffectual deeds of fright and terror and... and fright. You might not believe this, but you would be wrong, and those nice people on “Drooling with a Vacant Stare” and “Rapture Ready” will tell you so. After all, the Bible mentions lesser demons that make people itch in not-nice places, and stuff like that, doesn’t it? It doesn’t? Hey, we can’t all be the Prince of Darkness you know! Give the little guys a chance!

Nope, I can’t even be as funny as the original material when I try!

Keep ‘smilin!