Friday, August 26, 2005

Gay and Christian?

Dear Internet Diary,

I was having a discussion with someone about a website. The website attempts to argue with homophobic evangelicals by claiming that Christianity is not homophobic. The person thinks that might be a strong argument against homophobia. And besides, many gays are Christians.

First of all, there is no argument for homophobia. Arguing that Christianity is not homophobic is not an argument against homophobia. It is an argument for Christianity. I sure can't support that.

Being gay is the default position in the argument between being gay and being Christian. Christianity is a lifestyle choice. Being gay is not.

Jesus may not have said anything about being gay. But he say that he supported the old laws and followed them. The old laws were not wishy-washy on the concept of homosexuality. It was a mortal sin, meaning punishable by death. Now, if you have to appeal to Christians for some reason, there is an argument. That is, the same chapters that condemn homosexuality as a mortal sin also condemn many other behaviors as mortal sins--behaviors that most if not all Christians consider perfectly fine. Other mortal sins are not considered "that bad" by Christians.

Thanks for listening.

Righter of Wrongs, Clearer-up of misconceptions everywhere.


Anonymous said...

i found your comment interesting and made me as a christian think, let me tell you that you are right aboutthe fact that there are many other moral wrongs mentioned in the Bible that christians of this age don't find wrong. I guess thats why the bible says that the flowers may fade away and the heavens may change.. but My Word will never change.. so if u really had a relationship wit God, then all the things that are written as wrong.. u will find as worng too..
We as humans love to judge people on wat we think is wrong and condemn them and we just don't want to see the plank in our own eyes, and im sorry if any christian has ever condemned ya for not believin in God.. cuz no matter wat God still Loves ya no matter who u may be.. God came for the sinners and the unbelivers.. not those who did right and were good... JEsus Loves you!!

Hellbound Alleee said...

Honey, I don`t care if any Christian condemns me. You as a christian should know that people cannot condemn. Honey, JESUS condemns me.If you don`t know that, then you don`t know your religion very well. Listen into the show this week to find out what`s up with Jesus.

I guess you didn`t understand my post at all.

Anonymous said...

one question.. have u ever read the Bible? have you ever sought this God u deny? i don't know if u have or not but there is a certain passage in the bible where the ppl of the town bring a certain adultress to Jesus to pass judgement on her, the ppl were ready to stone her as per the Law of Moses, but Jesus said that the first one among them who considered himself without sin to cast the first stone, pretty saoon everyone left, all who were left in the end was Jesus and the Adultress. He said that He would no condemn her and instead forgave her. does that seem like someone who would wanna condemn or hurt u? wat is it about Him that u dont like or find repulsive. He created you, he wud never hate ya... he actually loves you. would you hate the child you gave birth to? you are his Child. again i ask.. have you ever sought this God u deny... i have and i promise you i'm no saint but he still loves me. I'm amazed by his mercy and grace. give him a chance.. one fair chance!!

Hellbound Alleee said...

one question..

Just one?

have u ever read the Bible?
I am reading it right now.

If you want to find out more about Jesus, tune into our program about him. There are many really interesting stories in the bible about Jesus. In one story, a woman from Canaan asks for Jesus' help because her daughter was "possessed by demons." Jesus said that he was sent to help the children of Israel. He said it wasn't right to "take food from children and feed it to their dogs."

That's just one of the wonderful things that Jesus said and did.

Morality and Values Part II

Hellbound Alleee said...

Sorry, anon, if you cannot post. I was just spam-bombed, so I had to disallow anonymous comments. But feel free to come into the discussion forum!

Hellbound Alleee said...

From: Rev. Barking Nonsequitor.

Yea, it must be great to have an imaginary friend that will stick by you no matter how much you hate yourself for being who you are - a human being. As I recall, Linus Van Pelt had a blue blanket as a best friend and it gave him strength in a world of Charlie Brownism. However, his sister Lucy, was confident and strong minded with no apparent reliance on any mumbo jumbo of any kind. Come to think of it, Charles Schultz WAS an Atheist.

I believe with all my heart that Jesus wants us to stop believing in him. That way he can love us even more!

Anonymous said...

Even when I was a christian I found this statement of Jesus disturbing. His comparison was very inapropriate, to say the least.

One could say that most of Mose's laws were abolished by Christ (strange, because he is supposed to be God) and only the new testamemt counts. And the new testament condemns homosexuality.
But again, new testament forbids woman to have their hair cut or speak in church and most of christian don t care about it. Hypocrisy, for a change. But then again, this argument is not in favor of homosexuality but against christianity.