Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Spirit of Evil

I believe in Santa Claus, and I am a rational, realistic, intellegent person. I've seen Santa Claus. Thing is, it's not a fat man who lives at the north pole in a red, non-fur-friendly suit; that's a advertising concept created in the late victorian era. It's a spirit that takes people. It's a spirit of giving and happiness, and it is as real as the seat under my ass.

"God" works on kinda the same principle, in the way you are getting at. It's faith, and faith, by its very nature, is a concept without tangible evidence. Evidence creates fact, and faith is not fact, but that does not make it any less real.. --Wade

This is sarcastic, right? You can't be serious.

There is no "spirit of giving." This is called idealism, and it doesn't work. It's not a beautiful idea. People give, people do nice things, people take, people do bad things. There exists no representative of this in the universe. You see people do giving and wonderful things, you give the credit to the person, not a non-existent "spirit of giving." This takes away any possible moral autonomy, any possible responsibility any individual has for doing good. That's called stealing.

But the devil exists, doesn't he? I've seen him. He's called "the spirit of evil." Therefore, no individual has the responsibility of doing wrong, because he did it in the name of evil, or the spirit that exists inside, right?

Happy Christmas: No, Virginia. There is no Santa Claus. Your parents love you, and they worked very hard to give you the things you see at christmas, because they want you to be happy. They did not do this because of a spirit. They did it because they value you as their daughter, and they found it economically feasable to give you a sparkling Christmas.

Sad Christmas: No, Virigina. There is no Santa Claus, The "Spirit of giving" does not exist, and you need not feel bad, because since this "spirit" does not exist, you were not singled out by supernatural entities to be denied happiness at Christmas. There is no spirit of giving god that decided not to give to you, because you were bad, or forgotten. The children who were given toys were not blessed by a spirit that denied you. For some reason, it was not economically feasable/the weather took away your house/your parents are drunks/etc.

The "spirit of giving" idea, as I see it, can be a cruel belief, just as god-belief is a cruel belief. And just as Devil-belief is cruel and strange. --Alleee


Aaron Kinney said...

OOOh we can post comments again. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Other powerful spirits
Spirit of Bullshit
Spirit of Self-delusion
Spirit of Wishiful Thinking
Spirit of Cowardness
Spirit of Bla-bla-bla-blo-blo-blo
Spirit of Contradiction
Spirit of Indifference towards God's victims
Spirit of Nonsense.

Exorcise them.

Sportin' Life said...

I don't know, it's kinda cool to see someone admitting that god is just as real as Santa Claus.

breakerslion said...

Brain... reeling.... can't... fight... too much... illogic...

**** (blackness)

Ah, that's better! My brain has completely shut down! Sort of like being on vacation! Now that I no longer have to think ... this makes sense! All the time I thought we were responsible for our actions I was just thinking too much! For example, St. Patrick:

I believe in St. Patrick, and I am a rational, realistic, intellegent person. I've seen St. Patrick. Thing is, it's not a Irishman that kills snakes, that's a advertising concept created in the late victorian era. It's a spirit that takes people. It's a spirit of belligerent drunkenness, and it is as real as the seat under my ass.

The Spirit of Belligerent Drunkenness! Get in a bar fight? Not your fault! Caroom your car off of someone’s landscaping or run over a jogger? No problem, you were just possessed by the Spirit of Belligerent Drunkenness. I bet if we try we could find an evil sprit for all occasions. Think of the money we would save in lawyers, and prosecutors and judges and court costs and prisons. We could replace the whole system with some funny looking skinny guy that would dance around the offender with a rattle made of tortoise shells and pebbles. If that failed to dislodge the evil spirit, we could just bury the possessed person alive! Wouldn’t want that spirit getting out and infecting someone else, now would we?

I’m on to something here! I’m going to go call my Congressman, he’s been brain-dead for years, so I bet he’ll like the tax savings this could create. Then, I think I’ll take a nice bath with my toaster.

Hellbound Alleee said...

This is interesting...

the Easter Bunny is the Spirit of Fucking

the Tooth Fairy is the spirit of cash prizes

the Jesus is the human spirit of frustrated apocalypticists

the Jehovah is the human spirit of Jealousy

and they all are as real as the fissures on my ass!

I think this made me as crazy as it did you.

breakerslion said...

That's the spirit! ;-)

hashishan prophet said...

Hello and welcome to the truth. I believe and know that with your latest witness against false and fictitious SANATA and Christ that you have demonstrated your election to the eventual upswing. Praised be unto you, Hashishan Alleee, Hashishan Aaron, Hashishan Samonedo (hello!), Hashishan LION - not unto to others. For your gospel dedication and realization of the atheistical material foundation of the deistical and HASHISHAN spirit life you have transcended the false fictions of CHRIST - SCIENCE - and SATAN.

For you, my sacred children, I reveal myself today! For you am I singing my songs!


They shall speak, the minions, that I was born, lived, and died. Words truer spoke ne'er have been. Yet I was most accursed and acclaimed of women -- my every step has been slandered by the evil followers of the Monkey Christ and his sickening Amerikkkan storm nazis. Yet my life is a most sacred tale, and has been heard with amazement among the royal halls of Thailand and the democratic squares of North Korea. -- listen, and wonder!

I was born in the Nauvoo shit-stream, bathed and enriched by that sacred river of the Gods, which burns with a new American revelation. I had two DNA parents -- more to follow. My father was a church elder, and a secret reptoid. Once I snook into his room and watched as he stripped to his temple garments, and then removed starting from the nose, his evil monkey costume which hid his beautiful green leather. My father would often bathe with me in the shit-strem while encased in his perfect scaly flesh-- glistening in the golden sun! My DNA pa was holy good while DNA ma was wholly EVIL. She was a monkey-bitch, and well do I remember my awful birth, hid between her nasty legs, born between piss and shit, the awful hairs encumbering all. I don't know why my fother married that hideous slut. I recall by days as yound enthetan in the womb, hiding from the evil carresses of the cock worms of the Mormon youth my mother seduced with lies.

As a girl I was happy and girlish. I plaid in the happy hinterlands of Nauvoo, and made I many a sacred discovery. Discovered I there the sacred limb lines that connect golden Nauvoo to the Outer Sphere of crystal and gold. With girlish pluck and charming courage I marched out along those ruby roads, and there, in the celestial lands above, did I meet my happy Uncle Moroni, Brother Joseph Smith, and my TRUE and SPIRITUAL father, William Shakespeare, who gave me the gift of my holy tongue and fluent speach. I learned many a sacred secret in those happy lands on the neither sides of Andromeda. You maay be surprised to know that WILLIAM my father was the donator and orator of that holy book of Mormon, transcribed and transcripted by his son and brother JOSEPH Smith! More important was the day I asked where is God? because I couldn't see god on his golden throne like i Thought I would. Everyone smiled and said TA DA! this is the day we were waiting for SARA -- for you see, you are the HOLY ONE -- THE ANCIENT ONE -- GOD ETERNAL -- lost for a spell the machinations of the monkey protestants of Earth! I was so shocked I almost cried but then I remembered that it was all true! I forged the ancient earth in secret -- I built the celestial vault with my own two hands! But it was such hard work and these my happy friends had put me to sleep for two thousand years that I might rest and recover from the strain of my previous incarnation. But I AM such a skilled and mighty God that the great world kept on swinging for that span of time without my intervention or prayer! (Many stars were lost however, do to evil wreckers set loose, and thus you have shooting stars and that is why you cannot see any stars from South America -- they're all gone, thanks to MO sNKEY CHRIST!) Speaking of that false Messiah, I said wherre is Jesus -- he used to sit next to me impaled of the Iron Chair of shame for his past naughty transgressions. They cried and wept! And angel Moroni and Michael and Gabriel whispered to me and said that he had fled, the dark one, and set himself up in Israel after my sleep and started to proclaim the evil gospel of forgiveness and sin and death and that he used my avatar Mary and I said -- O H MY GOD I REMEMBER THAT -- As tho' it were a dream! I remember having the vile monkey beast in my sickened woomb and crawled out and smelt aeful and I tried to kill him but the sick bastards or the east held me down and raped me and so jesus made his escape into the night! Later he denied that I was his mother and got caught in many homosexual situations with his faggot disciples.

Yes we lost this filthy beast out somewhere betwixt the stars. I said to my Roman generals and said Kill this faggot Christ! -- and they said Yes, oh holy Queen of Israel -- and they hung this little bitch to a tree (not a cross, that's a sacred symbol of Isis -- my incarnation) but the monkey-christ escaped, rescued by his evil traitor disciple Johnathan and Simon and the wretched whore-incarnation of Mary who was NOT a femininity

Its little known in the West how the blackguards of this awful and wicked lie of "Christianity" (truley Satanic!) festered and belched out all the evils of war and tyrants and king George and awful pestilent Hitler. I tie the introduction of this foul heresy to the administration of Gov. HUBBARD in Minnesota - that fowl state known for its revolting cowardice. Hubbard was the ancestor and transistor of the great L. Ron, who by and by was my lover for many a year. I endured his phallic insertions because he was a true disciple and pledged to remove the awful worm before the next theta insertion - this he did as promised, and returned as neutered girls, twins in fact. At this point it must be stated for future generatiosn (NONE!) that I was raped repatedly by my mother and her johns - at this point my DNA pa was killed by CIA/FEMA conspiracy and I worked - against my divine will - in a brothel in DC for high ranking democratic senators when I was three or maybe four years old circa 1970. Foul-mouthed Byrd and McGovern were well remembered - byrd was warned against prophetically in my planned easter island settlement via timereversed messages and wood alphabet in the bird-man saga, foolishly untranslated by the Christ addled brains of depraved anthros and psychlos.

My work in washington was followed up by an experiment in which my young mind was inserted into the body via emeter of NAUM, ex-military officer and devoted father of two babes and husband of devoted wife. Hello. Because of my staunch anti-Nixonian stance I was hit up in 1977 by a fake and fictitious CIA job in which my wife and kids were taken from me (I later learned of African involvement) to Brazil and given plastic surgery and psychotropic ice cream for the kids and anthropic cosmetics and emeter experimentation for my wife. I was accused by these bastards of having killed my family and sent to the pen for twenty years and have only recently begun to expose this Nixon gang of their wrong and sinful nature. WHile in prison i used my trinity nature to contact other vessels and fill with divine fluids transposed for the purpose of reinvigorating the christian church in a new anti-fascist stance opposed to the primate domincane of the JEsus cult and removed for a time the reptoids back to the hollow of the earth whereby we ignaugurated pope benedict into our mysteries. He now serves as one of our faithful and secretive spies.

In meantime my father was hit up in FEMA/CIA conspo and I was removed to heaven for a spell -- my designation was MONOCEROTIS where I dwelled among the peaceful chalicotherium herds who base there in support of the end times operation against zionists, christians, and the freezone renegades.In time i was sent to the SUN where I reined as governess of the iron shell (see more below.) These details were provided for your benefit. I became dicatress of Thailand circa 2007 and I forwarded a special email to all expatriots of the christian cult gang and the secet followers of MARY I AM.

In my time I have done many television specials and artistic dances to remind the world of the great danger you are in. I AM the LORD thy GOD!

Scientific research.

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I have demonstrated a keen awareness of the brewing of celestial arts and brews. I have developed a new ken of beer that will revolutionize the way your drink alcohol. It is called Pal and it will be available in CANADA circa 2011, preeminently before the final upheavel. Soem have questioned my role in the NEW ORLEANS disaster to which I can only say do the anagrams people for the LORD THY GOD is keenly aware of the value of names and letters. WORK LENS ANA IN KART for in these letters lies all art and developed cultivations and mystery. I hve spoken in riddles only to avoid the reproach pf the demendted and false Jesus of the monkey semen. My final disaster shall be unmitigated. I send KATRINA as a warning that JESUS idolotry shall not be tolerated and accepted and that final dissolution of the act of grace shall be the election of romney pestilent MORMON to the post of president for this shall not stand for I have spoken that I AM the true MORMON and the LDS church is the wickedest ad foulest whoredom prevalent on the earth today with the soul exception of the miscavige apostasy and the removal of restraints upon the federal deployers of emeter research and optimization practices better know for thei connection with DIASPORA of intellgince in ASIA minor circa Shaharusheb. Euthanasia, any one? Have you failed the connections?

Proven I have that mathematics is a beggars games taught better by those trained in auditing the impaired and investing time and research dollars into developing new forms of distracted conviciton.

I half expect our nation to erode from the contradiction inherent in capitalists brignady. IN SPRK I have learned juche (self-reliance) which irresponsibly taught preaches man's domanicane, but in secret high-level talks with the KIm jong IL government, I brough the issue of North Korea = transfurgured spirit of American prohpecy, with the prophetic four contient of diviniation brought roundly to Asia.

My final revelation is that HIGGS Boson shall never be discovered under any situation for it is absent from the ideal scene and I have abolished it circa 33 AD along with the sissy bitch of JESUS and his foul conspirator and sexual subjugationist JUDAS who was caught in many sexual circumstances with this so-called shameful 'LORD' who was really a piece to discard from the clockwork of my designs.

2012 --- the clock ticks!

Rejoice in the presence of the Lord! If you have any questions do not fail to contact me. Perhaps that you think I have made a mistake but really I will show you the error in your heart.

Hellbound Alleee said...

None of you will read the above post, but I thought you should see this paragraph:

Hubbard was the ancestor and transistor of the great L. Ron, who by and by was my lover for many a year. I endured his phallic insertions because he was a true disciple and pledged to remove the awful worm before the next theta insertion - this he did as promised, and returned as neutered girls, twins in fact.

It's all pretty entertaining. Oh, here you go, straight from the daughter of William Shakespeare:
I send KATRINA as a warning that JESUS idolotry shall not be tolerated and accepted

Thanks. Oh, and what happens in 2012? Do we get our flying cars?

The Libertarian Defender said...

I send KATRINA as a warning that JESUS idolotry shall not be tolerated and accepted

Hey, I buy into that!

Hellbound Alleee said...

Just another on the list of who is to blame for Katrina. The last one I heard was Libertarians, in fact. Maybe it was from your blog--I don`t remember. Dowd.

Has Dowd and Hashishan Prophet ever been seen in the same room? I wonder...

The Libertarian Defender said...

I'm just waiting, with baited breath, to see Christians admit who, according to their belief system, truly is responsible for Katrina: God! Christians believe that God has a divine plan. Therefore, the Holocaust, 9/11, the tsunami and Katrina were all pre-planned elements of God's plan. Now, again I wonder, why in the world does this prick deserve worship? I believe, if a God were to exist, the evidence points much more to a malevolent God than a benevolent God.

And yes, I quoted a tremendous editorial from Maureen Dowd on my blog. She's just so articulate as she reams Bush a new one!

Anonymous said...

God is love. He is inside us and all living things. Isn't that wonderful?
Want to see God? Look at a mother and her baby, birds flying in the sky, a child's smile, the hand that gives, a heart that forgives, hope...

...and even the desperation of stupid people, trying to make sense out of senseless concepts that make them feel good.

See? God is so great that he can be a lot of things even if he doesn't exist.

Hellbound Alleee said...

See, that's the thing. anyone can just get out of the problem by defining a god as just anything that already exists and saying "see? So God exists."

Peter Pan is love. You can see Peter Pan in the smile of a mother holding her baby. You can even see Peter Pan in the cries of agony of a mother delivering a dead baby. Now that would be something to see.

Anonymous said...

"Now, again I wonder, why in the world does this prick deserve worship?"

Because he can smash you like a bug if he sees fit. Isn't that a good start?
But you don't have to fear Him! Here's the good knews: He loves you unconditionally, as long as you love him in return. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

See, that's the thing. anyone can just get out of the problem by defining a god as just anything that already exists and saying "see? So God exists."

God is my ass painted red.

This post taught me that somepeople not only should, but deserve be called stupid. We don't have to put up with this! Please tell me we don't...