Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Clouds are Lifting

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am that fall is coming.

The Northeast is a great place to be right now. Not that it wasn't great in the northwest in september. It was. But everyone here seems to be in agreement. Summer is ok, but we are northeasterners, and fall is ours. That goes double for Quebecers: Summer is good, fall is better, but winter is ours. The mood lightens. A fog lifts from my head as I can see out of the oppression that is summer.

Now is the time to eat. That's the big thing. Now is the time to get out the crock pot. It's time for chili. It's time for stew. When I see the back end of county Fair season, it's time to boil the hell out of whatever animal it was that won the blue ribbon.

This is what floats on the back of my eyes:

My mother has cleaned the entire house (well, we helped). This time, she mopped the floors. It smells like pine sol. The dishwasher is steaming. She is listening to Edvard Grieg on our giant Magnavox stereo console, in imitation walnut. The fabric that covers the speakers is littered with holes I poked, because the popping sound it so satisfying.

Soon we can smell something oniony, possibly chicken and dumplings or tamale pie. That mingles with the smell of the apples that I brought in from the garage, so mom can make a pie. We always have a big box of apples in the garage in the fall.

That's it. I don't remember the battle to decide who sets the table and who washes the dishes, or my dad yelling at us to help my mom clean the living room. I'm glad my brain allows for that. That way, when September comes, I am comforted and I am back in that living room, lying on the orange semi-shag carpet, listening to Peer Gynt, waiting to have that chicken.


The Libertarian Defender said...

When I was young, I always enjoyed Fall, primarily because Fall is the time of both Halloween and my birthday. However, having lived 3 years in the bitter cold of Wisconsin, I've turned against cool weather forever. Now, I'm notorious at work for taking 40-minute lunchtime walks when it's 95 degrees out. For me, anything cooler than 75 is the equivalent of being in Greenland.

The Necklace Lady said...
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Hellbound Alleee said...

I definitely know this concept "bitter cold" of which you speak. After all, I am in Quebec. I have known 40 below--celcius and Fahrenheit.

When I first came to Montreal, it was January. I flew in from Seattle with a sweater and a jean jacket. I had no coat. It was one of the coldest winters in years. Luckily Francois' mom was there to scold him into giving me his coat.

On trips to the grocery store (4 blocks by foot--you just don't drive that far) I used to cope by pretending to be on an arctic expedition, or that I was on the ice planet Hoth from Empire Strikes Back.

This is the kind of thing that gets a Pacific Northwest Girl through winter. That's why I like fall. Besides--summers here are much too hot.

The Libertarian Defender said...

When you've lived in Wisconsin, you can match cold story for cold story with nearly anybody!

I remember one night when my father and I went out to the movies. As we were walking back to the car, which took about 2 minutes, I'd guess, our coats essentially froze. By the time we reached the car, our coats were literally crunchy. I remember seeing updates on the news warning people to stay indoors if at all possible, since it was dangerously cold out.

However, I definitely like your idea of fantasizing your way through it. Nice creativity.

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breakerslion said...

Ah crap! Hashy got his Internet Privileges back. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, except possibly when it works like the meat equivalent to a pinball machine. Full of repetitive sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Nothing beats North Dakota for cold stories. There are factories there that supply a man in a truck to take you back to the building if your car doesn't start. If you tried to walk back, your eyeballs would freeze.

Aaron Kinney said...

Oh hashish, you devil you. You have returned I see. I was hoping you found a nice warm padded room in a mental hospital. No such luck I see.

BTW everyone ,hashish implies that he/she is transgender in his/her latest blog entry LOL

But back to the post, I believe that summer is the best time of year... and I live in LA!!! I love the opressive heat, but then again, LA gets dry heat...not that muggy humid heat. Thank God for that!

I like summer because its like the party season. Beaches, bikinis, and a perfect excuse to shed clothing. Ahhhhh, yes!

Hellbound Alleee said...

This post from Hashish illustrates how glad I am to be a materialist.

How must it be like to not be able to relax and enjoy the fucking ground beneath your feet? What is it like to be constantly in battle with the imaginary forces in your head, so that if someone says they appreciate the little things in life--the very things that make life worth living--and turn it into an issue of an eternal bloody war in ghostland?

Again I have to stress. Don't let yourself become blind to this. These are the things that matter. The stuff Hashishan prophet is saying--that stuff is nothing. Absolutely 0% NOTHING.

Hashishan is suffering because zhe doesn't know how to live. There's something in her brain that won't let her. She doesn't understand what earth is. The sun. The air. Smells. Sounds. tastes.

Neither does her loathed monkey-god. Perhaps they have a lot more in common than she thinks?

Hellbound Alleee said...

I don't know why that other person deleted her post. It was a perfectly nice post about fall. Perhaps her post is too good for my heathen cesspool. Wah. Oh well. I have more than enoughh memories for the both of us. Suck it.

The Necklace Lady said...

No.... my post was not too good. On the contrary. I re-read it and a wave of embarassment swept over me. I was hoping I deleted it before anyone read it. Love your show!

Hellbound Alleee said...

Noooo! Finally someone else is as nostalgic as me, and it`s embarrassing? See? I need more posts like that to reassure me that I'm not corn sap!

Glad you like the show ;) .