Saturday, September 10, 2005

Live Show

Tune in to Live With Hellbound Alleee at 2 pm eastern daylight time tomorrow!

We'll be discussing Whose To Blame?!? Just like everyone else!


Aaron Kinney said...

The live show was great, even though we started a bit late.

As far as "whose to blame?" I blame God. Yes thats right, I blame an imaginary space ghost!

Hellbound Alleee said...

Bill O'Reilly blamed the poor people for not working hard enough to have a good living.

I just listened to This American Life about some stories from New orleans. It made me so fucking furious, I lost my reason for awhile.

If anyone is intereted, scroll down to the second story on the front page and listen to it all.

A woman tells her story from the Dome, where the people left behind become so fearful they start wondering if the government wants to exterminate them--from their experiences, it doesn't sound so farfetched.

Maida Rivest said...

Dear Miss Allee,

I am a member of the Temple of the Resurrected Lord in Bangkok, Thailand, along with several dozen other parishioners, many of us refugees and expatriots from abroad. The pastor and Mother of our church, Sara the Prophet and Lord of the Hashishan Army, we believe to be the risen God of Israel. I realize that many of you may not share our beliefs, but we are strong believers in religious freedoms with personal experience of persecution. We have experienced a difficult time recently when our Prophet was detained in Cambodia on the basis of some truly absurd trumped up charges. Fortunately that is now behind and we look to the future work of spreading our mission and explaining the miraculous nature of Sara's gospel. Many of us have transmigrated to the T.R.L. from other churches where we came to know Sara -- I myself discovered Sara while working for the Church of Scientology at Saint Hill Castle in England, and faced a difficult period of breaking away from my old network and readjusting to a new life in Asia. I would not have been able to do it without the firm knowledge that Sara was a genuine Prophet and indeed the resurrected God of all creation. But put that aside just for the moment.

The Prophet has been moving our temple in a new high-tech direction via cyber-missioning and the development of Her pioneering blog. From what I understand She was attempting to share her life-saving gospel with you when you lashed out at Her most cruelly. She has recounted the emotional and verbal abuse at our temple's Friday services and has earned the united sympathy of the congregation. On behalf of the entire temple, I am writing to you to express our bafflement at the rude and unnecessary criticism you have sent out against Her divine gospel. Please I beg you to go kindly in the future as much depends on it -- the mental state of our precious Lord foremost, the continued cohesion of the T.R.L. besides, and perhaps even the future state and longevity of the Earth itself. Our Mother is awaking ... and she isn't happy. She is a compassionate Lord, but not an all-forgiving one, unlike the deceptive, false, and all too passive Christ we both oppose. We must all us, Hashishan or Atheist, Muslim or Rasta, do our part to ensure a smooth transition into the new era unfolding around us.

Yours truly,
Maida Rivest

breakerslion said...


Don't drink the Kool-Aid.

breakerslion said...

I blame Bill O'Reilly. His continuous spewing of hot air and methane-rich bullshit has created an El-Nino (tilde) effect that is resposible for the increase in hurricane activity this season.

Hellbound Alleee said...

I lashed out at you, Miss Sarah`s handpuppet? Awww.

If you don't like your beliefs being laughed at, don't have such strange beliefs.

It's not that I hate crazy people. I just don't want to be around you. The dumb ones keep me busy enough.