Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why They Believe for 9/29/05

But one thing I do know, if atheism is correct, then it doesn't
matter if I believe in Christianity, because atheism holds that there
is no capital `T' Truth, life is ultimately meaningless, and that all
life in the universe will inevitably be extinguished in the heat
death of the universe (if not before), in which and it will be as
though we all, atheists and Christians alike, had never existed: --RE: The Atheist Question

Atheism "holds" nothing. This is another Christian who is ultimately a nihilist. Of course, we don't have to pit Christianity against atheism. Is Christianity the only religion? Atheism is not the opposite of Christianity. It is the opposite of theism.

I believe in christianity because I have always felt a connection to God. I never recognised it as such until later in life. First I identified my connection with something trandscendant. -- Why Christianity?

This would be another interpretation of the warm fuzzies. Great feelings of connectedness interpreted as coming from somewhere else. How do we know it doesn't come from ourselves, Satan, an alien, a person sending psycho waves, or from a really good piece of pie? One must always rule out natural explanations before one jumps to magical conclusions.

You Know What? I believe in Christianity.
And you are just going to have to fucking live with it.

You are also going to have to live with the simple and irrefutable facts that:

1. I do not hate gay people, nor do any other Christians I know.

2. I do not care about what you do with your sexual organs, nor do any other Christians I know.

3.I believe every religion is right - and wrong - in its own way. I believe in Christianity, because I believe in everything else. --
You know what? I believe in Christianity.

Ok, Ok! Everything's fine! Nothing is ruined!. Every religion is right and wrong in its own way. Especially since most religions inherently say that all other religions are wrong in every way, especially Christianity. But, as the young lady claims, she believes in Christianity, but disagrees with the deity she claims to worship. How do you do that? Worship someone but rally against his teachings? That's like saying, "you know, I believe in Nazism. Deal with it. No, I don't hate Jews, love them, and homosexuals, too. All political systems are right and wrong in their own ways, but I worship Hitler."

She goes on to rant about how we don't believe in Christianity because we claim that Christians are biased, prejudiced, and ignorant. Leaving belief out of it, I don't follow christianity, not because of its believers, but because its deity is biased, prejudiced, and ignorant.

I believe in Christianity, first of all, not because I believe in this book. I believe in this book because I believe in Christianity. Religion does not come out of the Bible. The Bible comes out of religion. I believe in Christianity because I believe in evolution. Christianity is to me further evolution. I know no better definition of it than that.--Stones Rolled Away (and other addresses to young men).

Beautiful! A circular reason all spelled out, no muss, no fuss.Unnfortunately, none of it is a reason to follow Christianity. This is based on mistaken beliefs about evolution. Sure, Christianity is a part of human evolution. No question--memetic evolution, of course. It doesn't make it better, or right. Animals evolved a lot of unnecessary and harmful things,.Memes are not defined as good things. Organs/memes: they can all be judged on their individual merits.

I believe in Christianity because there is enough circumstantial evidence to convince me it is true (and that is all we have, circumstantial evidence)--from Ain't it Cool News Forum on the Exorcism of Emily Rose

circumstantial evidence: All evidence except eyewitness testimony. From the United States Attorney Kids' Web Page.
If we have any circumstantial exidence, I'd sure as hell like to see it. This is the first time I've heard a christian say we had absolutely no eyewitness testimony! Wow! Wait...he's still going on...

but it also took a leap of faith for Moses even though he witnessed all the Exodus miracles going down.....TARDS!
Sad. Very very sad.

for myself, i believe in christianity because it satisfies my questions about life and existence. i wish i could leave the question unanswered like bossel, but i cannot. because i exist, i believe someone put me here. i believe there is some fundamental questions ingrained in humans that need to be answered, such as "right and wrong."--China Daily

"Christianity" or "God did it" is not an answer to any questions about life and existence. If one is satisfied with that answer, one is extremely easy to please. If "God did it" answers "why am I here?" then "God did it" is a good answer to "why does unecessary evil exist," or "why did God make the Tree of Knowledge in the first place" or "Where are my keys?" This person doesn't ask questins. As for "right and wrong," those are concepts, not questions. But, does "God did it" answer "is it right to kill one for the sake of others?"

I believe in Christianity because it's the only religion that doesn't require any works or attaining perfection on your own to get to the best place when you die.--Kalvin B

Finally! Some honesty! It's definitely not an answer to why he believes, but why he follows Christianity: because you can sit on your ass and still go to Happy Land!

'You have just proved my theory of atheists being ignorant and narrowminded to be correct. All this talk about brainwashing and conditioning sounds like atheist cynnicism. Nevertheless, I believe in Christianity because of my theological studies and I refuse to let my faith be udnermined by the opinions of some child who won't accept a religion she doesn't agree with.--The Bible?

Yeah, no self-respecting Scientologist should be undermined by the opninons of some christian who won't accept a religion she doesn't agree with. You are a Scientologist, right?--Alleee, "narrowminded to be correct."

And now, for fun:

I believe that when you die you have a choice.
Live on Earth or live with the spirits or somthing like that.
If you chose Earth you memory would be erased and is put into a new
"to-be" child.
i doing so the theory of life being in other place other than earth is possible because you might choose to live on another plannet other than Earth because of your experiances with it.
If you choose spirit you would be able to do as you wish with no limitations but there is a catch-you will not age and nothing that happens on earth will happen there(Ex:War,Violence)
So i pretty much belive in life after death but i dont really agree on how it works.(Ex:souls,spirits,ghosts,heaven)(not that i dont believe in heaven)--Marth 186

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Anonymous said...

First religion teaches you to think in a certain way. Then it gives you explanations to fufill the expectations it screwed your head with. Finally you say you cannot live without these explanations so they MUST be true. This is dismaying.