Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Email from a listener

I got this email from our listener, David Pearson:

I also want to point out a major biblical error Alison made explaining that crazy story in the book of Judges 19:22-30. (Easy numbers to remember for the silent film fan!)

That is the story where this out-of-town Levite and his girlfriend are visiting this old guy, when a bunch of Benjamites surround the house, and demand to fuck the Levite. The wussy old guy and the Levite bravely offer both the old guy's virgin daughter and the Levite's girlfriend to the mob, so the Levite avoids getting fucked. The mob then spends the night raping and beating up the girlfriend, while the Levite spends a refreshing night in bed. At dawn the mob finally lets her go, and she staggers back to the house, passing out at the front door.

Some time later, the Levite drags his sorry butt out of bed, finds the girlfriend, and says to get up because it's time to go. She doesn't respond, so he plops her on a mule and takes her home.

Now, this is were Alleee gets it wrong. She says this point, the girl is dead. Actually, the Bible does not say that. I looked it up in several translations, and not one of them says she is dead -- only that she didn't answer the Levite shortly after passing out following being raped and beaten up all night. I think it is more logical -- if that can be used in
connection with the Bible -- that the girl is simply out cold.

Then, after going home, the girl is still alive while the Levite is chopping her into the twelve sections, ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Considering how the Levite has treated his girlfriend in the story, I find this ending completely believable.

So you guys watch it about smoothing over these colorful Bible stories.



breakerslion said...

Speaking of glossing over, this is something I've always wondered about:

The mob wanted to do the guy, but settled for the women? Was this a device used to gloss over an incident where the mob really said, "We want your women" and the men said "Ok." Sounds a little less noble that way, doesn't it?

Speaking of movies, "Twelve Easy Pieces"?

Thomas said...

Speaking as a big fag, I can tell you that if I were in a big mob hankering after a sweet piece of Levite man-ass, we would never settle for his yucky girlfriend.

That seems to have been rather a common technique in the Old Testament. What part of Sodomite don't they understand?

Aaron Kinney said...

Yea what good is a sodomite who wants to fuck females as a consolation prize?

Cool letter though. That was funny, in a morbid kind of way.

breakerslion said...

Yes, Thomas, unless it was a mob of flaming "Bi" types. Hardly seems likely.

"Life is like a box of women in Burqas. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Pimp