Monday, November 14, 2005

Galaxia: a revolutionary socialist "band."


My name is Steve Wallis, a revolutionary socialist mainly living in Manchester, England, but also a member of the Scottish Socialist Party in Glasgow.
I had been planning to set up a socialist band, which I hope will play a leading role in the world socialist revolution, for a couple of years or so, because it is possible to influence people greatly through music and I have acquired sufficiently strong singing abilities through karaoke to convince myself that I would be capable of singing in a band.
I put out a call far and wide on the internet for anybody who wanted to participate in Galaxia, either as a full band member or as a guest participant in one or more of our songs, to turn up to a recording studio (the Cutting Rooms, Abraham Moss Centre, City College, Manchester) on Thursday the 30th of June 2005. This was an extremely unorthodox way of getting a band together, and unsurprisingly nobody turned up.
I was locked up as a political prisoner on the 1st of July, preventing me from putting the tracks on this website until after the G8 summit. I did something even more useful when I escaped – putting improved lyrics for Do They Know It’s G8 Time? on discussion groups, correcting the odd minor mistake and clarifying certain things. An explanation for those improvements, plus the later changes I made when performing the song at the Earth First! Gathering, is provided here.

(Downloads can be found here.)

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breakerslion said...

I think a more appropriate name for the band would be "GIGO".

BTW, loved the arcade game!