Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Fabulous "Feast of Fools"

So far, I only listen to a couple of podcasts, as there just aren't enough hours in the day to listen to everything I want. But there are some that deserve mentioning, so I've decided to showcase each of them on my blog, when the spirit hits me.

Today's podcast is the fabulous and entertaining Feast of Fools, with Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion. I would have to say that this is definitely a gay podcast--gay in a good way, of course--as they tend to have lots of drag queens and sexual innuendo--and Marc and Fausto are a couple. (A couple of...nuts. Ha ha.)

But it's not the drag queens and sex and pop-culture obsession that I find the most entertaining. It's Fausto's brilliant misinformation, and Marc's patient correction (most of the time). Fausto is clearly a very intelligent guy who reads--but doesn't check his facts. He's always presenting these brilliant theories on life, religion, psychology, you name it--but he always is missing some extremely pertinent fact that may or may not topple his entire theory. He takes a great idea up the side of a mountain, but his facts...just...don't...quite....get him there. I might have dismissed this whole podcast, but he's so refreshing and insightful, and I kind of miss all my gay friends back in Seattle who talked about sex so breezily, that I like listening.

Here's a madcap theory (maybe that's why I like Fausto) that I'd like to share. The way gay men talk about sex (in my experience) is with humour and charm, and this kind of feeling tends to be missing from conversations with straight men about sex. For one thing, they tend to not want to include a woman in the conversation. When they do, I find the humour has a rougher edge, devoid of the irony and social criticism I used to get with my gay friends. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sure, there's darker themes in these "gay conversations." But it's the Marx Brothers to the straight guy's Three Stooges.

To put it simply: it's more fun--for me--to objectify men.

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