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I am interested in this phrase

I am privileged with the knowledge that everything that happens in the universe, from my mundane, day-to-day life, to the beginnings of life itself, to the end of the lives of countless heavenly bodies in space, is all due to natural processes. Everything that happens is natural, and everything that exists is natural.

By natural processes I take it you mean matter behaving according to the laws of physics and chemistry ...........but how do you explain on one beautiful watery planet the laws of entropy are reversed and the miraculous complex and diverse life exists ....we are living proof of something strange ocurring .....look out into the cold recesses of space on this planet a miracle has occurred either that miracle is a result of chance .........astronomical chance........or an intelligent a christian I dont pretend that I became one as a result of rational thought but by Gods intervention.....but I do veiw it as a rational point of veiw , one of several atheism being one of them,given the evidence..


Unfortunately you are mistaken about the laws of entropy on earth being broken! The good news is we are still looking at natural processes, because of that big ol' ball of energy in the sky called "the sun!"



thank you for your polite answer. Evolutionists use the addition of energy to try to explain away a remarkable event. If you dont beleive in God you have to. Why is it good news ...only if you dont wish to beleive in God isnt a static the pure sciences ...physics and chemistry can do experiments the variables are more limited ....they are less affected by the design of the experiment....the subject is less complicated .........but biology is so complex and the experimenter is a creature himself so the outcomes are much more affected by the design of the experiment and the outcome the scientist desires ......the concept that the energy input from the sun allows the earth to be not considered a closed system and therefore allowing a simply proven law to be controverted (is that a word?should be) just an unproven throwaway line ....the truth is no one knows ....and evolutionists should say they dont know could be a natural process or it could be a creator ....and this point should not be a stumbling block to those becoming convinced (supernaturally) of the reality of a personal God .

If you believe your questions to be so important, why don`t you contact a scientist? If your questions have not been pondered and answered before, then they would be very important to science. If your challenges are good enough to change our current understanding of science, then you could be a very important person indeed. What I suggest is you try to find out more about what the second law of thermodynamics is. Perhaps you could write to a science magazine.

Do you believe in everything? Is the reason you don't believe in certain things or just because you don't want to?

It is good news that the earth runs on natural processes because we can know things. If the world was controlled by a magical thing, then we could never rely on our senses, or our knowledge. We could never know that what we see, or what we remembe,r is correct or incorrect. If the world ran on a magical, jealous, and violent character, we could not rely on information like "look both ways before you cross the street," "washing helps kill dangerous germs," and "most plants need a lot of sun and good soil in order to grow." In a magical world, you could not know whether or not you are acting on free will, especially if the Christian bible stories are true. If God can harden a pharaoh's heart, or make a devil go into a person to make him do bad things, then you can never know that what you do is your choice, or that cause and effect are real.

That is why it is good news. You do not have to believe in such a bad character, and you do not have to be so intellectually inconsistent that you have to rationalize away why you believe in a christian or Jewish god, and not a Hindu or ancient Norse one.


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