Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Email from Leah part Two

---Original Message Follows----
From: Leah
Subject: RE: READ NOW
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 09:44:31 -0700 (PDT)

"I do beleive in what is real! I can prove it. "

If you can prove what you belIEVE (I before e except after c) , you'll be the most important person in all of history! Have you contacted the media yet?

"All your doing is blasphemey and that is wrong! "

( When you want to say "you are," you need to place an apostrophe in place of the a.)
Oh, I do a lot more than blasphemy. I'm making moral judgements against your text. What are your arguments against what I'm saying? Are you saying that God didn't kill all the people in the world, in the bible? What kind of a person does that?

"Maybe you should consider taking your website off the internet because for those who don' t know your basically telling them it's ok to go to Hell. "

No, I'm saying that not only is it NOT okay to go to hell, it's not okay to think that it is just and correct that people should go to hell for not believing. It's not okay, because it's not true, and it's not okay, because people do not deserve to be tortured forever because they do not believe. Can you tell me why you would worship someone so unbelievably cruel as to set up a system where people who don't believe are tortured forverer? That is wrong, Leah. You're not a very nice person.

"Why would you want an innocent person to be condemned to eternal burning and torture? Talk about us; you say we don't care about others well, look in the mirror. You do know how horrible Hell is don't you? Why would you condemn yourself (if you want to be selfish about it) to Hell? I just don't get it??? I believe you need to just at least find a chruch nearby and if you don't believe what I'm telling you, talk to a preacher. It really hurts my heart to know you just don't care and want to condemn yiourself to eternal fire, darkness, and burning?? What is is??"

You couldn't be more wrong, Leah. I do care. I care about people, and I think it would help them to know that they don't have to believe in something so cruel and unbelievably wrong. They need to know that they are good people, especially when they can look at the facts and determine what is right and wrong. It's good to be able to look at the rules set up in the bible and realize how wrong they are. In fact, we already have, many years ago. That's why we don't do things that God said were okay in the bible: things like owning slaves and beating them. We have real penalties for rape, unlike in the bible, where you have to marry the man who raped you. Isn't that terrible, Leah? We also made it illegal to kill and beat our children, for "talking back" to us. It not only says it's okay, Leah, it says we MUST kill our children if they are naughty! But we are smart enough to see how real people can get along in the world, so we know that those things are very, very wrong.

By the way, Leah, I have "a church" next door to my house! But I used to go to church, for many many years. But you have to understand: because I studied the bible very hard, and read about the teachings of Christianity, it would be deeply immoral and dishonest for me to go to that church.

Does it matter to you which church I go to, kiddo? What if I told you the church next door was THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, where they teach you can move objects with your mind, and that your body is made up of invisible space aliens? Well, you said I should just find a church, right? Actually, the space aliens aren't much different, because our soul is supposed to be invisible, too, and God is kind of a space alien that lives "up there" somewhere.

But I'm just kidding. The church next door is catholic, where they believe that the big bread cracker becomes Jesus and I have to eat him and drink his blood. They think it REALLY happens, Leah! Isn't that crazy? Why do you want me to go there? But it's okay, because they only speak French there, and I wouldn't understand. don't think that they would be able to change me back into a Christian. It's pretty unlikely anyone could.

Buit if God is real, he could, couldn't he? Do you think God might want me to be this way? Or is he powerless? It's okay, though, Leah. There's nobody up there hearing your thoughts, and am not sending the Devil Azazel to your house right now to come visit you at night and make you do bad things. That's because I don't believe.

Hellbound Alleee

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Janine Melnitz: Hello, Holy Ghostbusters... Yes, of course they're serious... You do?... You have?... No kidding. Just gimme the address... Oh sure, they will be totally discreet. Thank you
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