Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pray Instead

Pope Urges Catholics to Pray More--via

Jaywalk Blog

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 30, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI is appealing to all Catholics to intensify their prayer for vocations for a Church in need of more priests and consecrated persons.

"The priest's mission in the Church is irreplaceable," the Pope wrote in a message for the upcoming World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

"Therefore, despite the fact that in some regions there is a decrease of the clergy, the certainty must never be lost that Christ will continue to inspire men who, as the Apostles, putting all concerns aside, dedicate themselves totally to the celebration of the sacred mysteries, the preaching of the Gospel and pastoral ministry," the Holy Father wrote.

I agree that Catholics should pray more. All the time, in fact. Especially when they start getting that old craving to hold up sign with aborted foetuses--pray instead.

If you're a nun and feel like beating your student--pray instead.
If you're a catholic and feel like voting--pray instead.
If you see something that looks like Jesus on some food or an underpass and want to sell it on ebay or call the 6 o'cock news--pray instead.
If you want to deny the holocaust--pray instead.
If you feel like insisting that public schools be turned into rectories--pray instead.
If you think you can't stop yourself from getting that Jesus tatoo on your face--pray instead.
If you want to start a speed metal christian boyband--pray instead.
If you feel like making art of any kind praising your god--pray instead.
If someone suggests you might like to sell soap and breathspray with a multilevel marketing business--pray instead.
If you're a senior on a fixed income and a nice big-haired preacher on tv says if you send them money, you'll get a better mansion in heaven--pray instead.
If you get the urge to run for the schoolboard so you can get the schools to teach creationism--pray instead.
If you won some kind of trophy on a television award show and feel like thanking Jesus for kicking the other nominees' asses--pray instead.
If you feel like indoctrinating your children with sexual shame and loathing for their bodies--pray instead.
If you see a choir boy and you....pray instead.

See? I totally agree with the pope.

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