Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bill Maher on Pseudo-Christians?

Dear Internet Diary,

I enjoyed very much this piece done by Bill Maher, via One Good Move:

Bill (Mr animal rights) had me until he sold out to Jesus. What did we just say on our show about Jesus' Morality last week? Bill says Jesus didn't have one good word to say about war or torture. Excpet that it was Jesus who made Hell and our impending torture in it central to his teachings. It's right in the fucking Sermon on the Mount! As far as war, I guess Bill's never heard about the Apocalypse.

(Before you write to me and say "that was all written by John the Elder and stuff," don't forget that we have nothing by anyone answering to the name Jesus Christ. It's all hearsay and made-up nonsense, but that's what people believe, and apparently that's what Bill Maher believes.)

So Bill takes the jerks' way out and says that these demagogues who cry "War on Christians" are not real christians. Like who? Him? No, those people in government, George W, Pat Robertson, Bill O'Reilley, all of them are 100% Jesus-fearing Christians. And nothing they say is inconsistent with scripture. It's the make-it-up-as-you-go-along liberal christians who have it wrong. If you don't agree, please show me this wonderful man called Jesus, this feminist, this peacenick, this environmentalist, this Vegetarian Communist who loved children. I have a bible, and I jsut ain't seeing it.

Thanks for listening.

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