Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Atheologist on Rabbi Gellman: a Translation

Check out The Atheologist's post on Rabbi Gellman

What he wrote: “I think I need to understand atheists better.”
What he meant: Atheists are so hard to figure out, because they are liars.
What he wrote: “I bear them no ill will.”
What he meant: I wish they would shrivel up and die.

And this just in:
The Second Mouse's Guide to Life rings in with a great entry:
Axiomatic to our existence in communities and nations is that each one of us has a profound effect on each other’s objective reality. It cannot be denied that how we decide to engage each other, how we decide to rule ourselves, and how we decide to be civil is something that is not simply confined to our own perceptions. Our actions and decisions affect each other’s objective reality and if we expect to engage each other in a civilly responsible manner, we cannot retreat to the ubiquitous, yet fundamentally flawed rubric of The Golden Rule.

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