Saturday, May 06, 2006

Eagle Cam: Eggs are Duds

It`s pretty sad, yes, but the eagles on Hornby Island in BC have left their nest. Accoridng to the folks on the website:

Sad News:

April 30, 2006

Eagles and conservation have been the joy and occasional sadness of my life. This is a sad moment. It appears that the Hornby Island bald eagle eggs are infertile. The first egg should have hatched April the 26 and the second egg today. The first embryo, if it developed at all, is surely dead. The second embryo, could still hatch but I cannot see the proper pipping of the egg shell, where the chicks beak has broken through enabling it to draw in air, the precursor to the final struggle for hatching. It does not look good for this pair this year. In fact this is the second year of failure for this nest territory.

They offer some educated guesses as to why the eggs did not hatch.

The good news, though, is that they will have a new nest to watch. I suppose this one might be watched with a little less blind belief. More good news: they'll have a live Grizzly Bear cam!

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