Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hellbound Alleee on the Penn Jillette show

Buddha Banana
Listen for me on Penn Radio, on Tuesday, May 9, between 2 and 3 pm eastern time. I am invited to call into Penn Radio to discuss my conversation with Ray Comfort, wherein he said, quote, "You can have the banana."

I'm excited. I hope they it all works out. If you don't hear me right away, keep listening--they have phone troubles sometimes.

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Aaron M. Rossetti said...


I just wanted to drop a quick note about a new blog that has just opened up called... Out of Christianity. It is a community that is inviting anyone that is coming or has come Out of Christianity to share there story and engage in discussion of their journey.

We were once not only Christians, but youth pastors, evangelists, nuns, and music ministers, yet we've left the Christian faith.

In order to create a 'safe' environment that is free from the evangelism that we used to engage in ourselves, we're asking that Christians respect this forum as being off limits to try and 'save' those of us that have already been set free. It didn't take long for this request to be violated by the ambitious Christians who were out to rescue the backsliders :-), so we're moderating all comments.

You can read ‘Your Invitation’ to catch the vision of what our purpose is and read some of our stories.