Thursday, May 11, 2006

Since When Did We Expect Charlie Sheen to Not be an Idiot?

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American Atheists wants Charlie Sheen to apologize for his stupid, stupid words:

Charlie and Denise are parents to two small girls: SAM, aged 2, and LOLA, who is only 10 months.

"They represent the real gifts and treasures of this life," says Charlie, who also has an older daughter, CASSANDRA. "Anybody that doesn't believe in God hasn't looked into the eyes of their child."

Well, Charlie, if you look into the eyes of your children and see God, perhaps you should, I dunno, try rubbing your eyes or something?

Atheist parents everywhere: I know you never expected Charlie Sheen to be a non-idiot, because he's a public figure. You're also most likely aware that his words are part of some surreal public campaign to keep his kids after the divorce. Oh No. What A Tragedy.

But perhaps this is some kind of opportunity to talk about how being an atheist does not mean you ignore your children. I say, leave Sheen to his blatant idiocy, and continue to fight against the immorality and evil of raising children in religion. Sheen, of course, has no doubt passed on his retardation to his children. Don't know if Denise Richards will continue to teach them the same moral outrage, but perhaps, if they rebel, they won't be total write-offs.


CFeagans said...

I think its more likely that he was simply trying to say something profound about his daughter rather than his god, but as an atheist father of a perfectly atheist four-year old daughter, I feel nothing but pride when I look in her eyes and know 23 of her chromosomes are mine!

Charlie Sheen may be a real life idiot (I honestly haven't given it much thought), but I'm a huge fan of "Two and a Half Men," one of the funniest shows on TV (and one of the few I bother to watch).

As a side note, I've always said that if Christians ever tried to use the argument that the existence of coffee is evidence of god, I'd have a hard time countering it. :)

breakerslion said...

What does he see when he looks into their ears? Bugs and Daffy doing a tap dance?

Hellbound Alleee said...

Actually, the argument that "this is wonderful, therefore there is a god" is used all the time.

The reason things are wonderful is because, we either made them to be wonderful, like coffee, or we have an evolutionary pull towards loving our children so that our genes are spread (and so that they in turn spread our genes) or because they are symmetrical. Symmetry connotes health. Health = reproduction.

Sheen might have been trying to say something profound, but it certainly was anything but profound. It was dim-witted. If a person tries to say something profound, they should at least not say something retarded.

He said it in order to look good on camera, so he could be seen as a good father and a good person, because of this nonsense going on on the chatshows with Denise Richards.

(Not "Rene Richards." But that wouldn't be going too far out of the Charlie Sheen path, anyway.)

Aaron Kinney said...

Charlie Sheen sees God every time he looks through a coke straw

Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

Star Jones says the same thing. Just look in a babies eyes if you want proof for God. Has she ever looked into the eyes of a Bonobos, because I know she doesn't believe in evolution.