Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hellbound Alleee #110: The Amazing Shrinking State

Show 110: The Amazing Shrinking State with Marc Stevens of the No State Project

This week, Franc and I are glad to have Marc Stevens, author of the book Adventures in Legal Land , the blog There is No State , and host of the show the No State Project.

From "Adventures in Legal Land:"

The No State Project with host Marc Stevens is now two hours every Saturday night starting at 6:00 pm central time, 4:00 Arizona time, 4:00 pacific time (Sunday, 11:00 am in New Zealand) on The Republic Broadcasting Network, heard on the net at Call in at (800) 313-9443.

Franc and Marc talk about the idea of the religion and dogma of statism, and Marc's adventures in, well, "Legal Land." I was, well, just off work. I might say a couple of things, but don't count on it.

The show is available here, on our archive page.

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Cherry Cam

Sorry about not posting there. I have a new job and, for awhile, my schedule is crazy. I work 10-12 hour days, and then I'll be off for awhile.

I am in my hometown of Wenatchee, WA, and I am working the cherry season. Cherries are not like apples and pears, in that you can't really store cherries for months at a time. Once those cherries are picked, you gotta pack 'em and ship 'em out. So that's what I'm doing.

It's hot, it's uncomfortable, but it's temporary, and that's what I'm looking for. The area is lovely, a geologist's dream. I should take pictures for you. Perhaps I will.

I look lovely. I am wearing old clothes, my hair tied back and under a baseball cap and a hairnet. I'm wearing gloves, and standing at a conveyor belt, picking out "culls" (bad ones) and sizing them. That's it. Occasionally, I am tipping over tables with boxes of cherries on them. Good one. And then a woman 10 years younger than me is asking me, "Alison, can I get you to work with both hands?" when I find myself zoning out and leaning on one hand. I have bruises and sores all over my elbows and forearms. Once it's all over, I'll have an actual paycheck. If I stick around, I might work the more regular job at apples and pears. If I feel like sticking it out.

So when I work, I have a hard time blogging. It's the hours--8 to 9:30, 12 to 11. Nice, eh?

But I am still working hard to get top-knotch entertainment to you. This is still priority.


breakerslion said...

Beats working in a salmon cannery! I've often wondered about that cliche phrase "cherry picking". What makes the perception that it is easy?

Good luck!

Hellbound Alleee said...

I agree about canneries. There are many pleasant things in my work environment. For one thing, cherries are simply beautiful. And they don't smell.

I suppose picking cherries is easy, but doing it for 10 hours in 100 degree weather is not. I don't envy the pickers. I have done that job when I was much younger. I hate climbing ladders. The plant is not cool, but it is not in the sun, either.