Monday, June 05, 2006

Hellbound Alleee: Pure Evil

Probably worse than Hitler--and vain like Goebbels

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Welcome to those of you who have come to my blog, on the recommendations of an unstable person! I've noticed a lot of new people reading my blog, and I imagine you good folks might have come here hoping to read the rantings of some kind of Nazi fascist monster. I'm sorry to disappoint you, if that indeed does disappoint you. If you have read some of my blog and you do indeed find me to be evil, again, welcome. I am glad I have provided you with the motivation for some good, fierce blog posts, and maybe, hopefully, a parody of my evil. I just want to make people happy, just like everyone else, except, apparently, for the poor, whom I supposedly despise, and wish to see die on the street covered in filth and flies.

I just wanted to clear up the motivation behind the evil that is me. I want to be happy and well, I want my husband to be happy and well, and I want the people around me to be happy and well, because if they are happy and well, they tend to do a lot less violence--intentionally, anyway. The fact that happy and well people tend to support violent monopolies of power is a problem for me, and I'd like very much to change that. I happen to hold the wacko idea that shooting people who aren't threatening to shoot you is wrong, even if those people who want to shoot you are hired by some really gigantic company that can't be opposed, and even if popular opinion says that the shooting is done with really good intentions. Because it's not, and it doesn't matter either way. If I can't shoot you, and you can't shoot me, that guy over there hired by the giant company that has all the power shouldn't shoot you either.

Because I like you, and I don't want to see you shot.

So, these wacko opinions of mine have motivated some surprisingly popular individuals to say that my marriage should end in domestic violence, and that perhaps I deserve to be punched in the face. Also that I am some kind of air-headed barbie girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. That last one is probably because I always think I am being droll and funny, and I end up sounding as if I support the wholesale slaughter of someone.

As I always say, unless someone thinks you should be punched in the face by your husband, you probably haven't said anything interesting. I hope I have.

Anyway, I don't wish that unstable people's boyfriends or husbands punch them in the face, regardless of the evil they might have charged me with. I hope their husbands and boyfriends are as kind to them as mine is to me. And I wish the same of you, too.

Nefariously yours,
The Airhead.

Before I forget, I have a couple of podcasts for you to listen to. Perhaps you can catch me advocating the cruel treatment of something or other. I suggest you listen closely.


Vox Populi, Episode 13

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