Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wear the Mark, and Enjoy Your Day!

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It's time for the Trib, everyone! I hope you all enjoy. If everything works out, we'll find out exactly which denomination of Christianity is correct, and whether we're pre-trib, or post-trib! I'm hoping for pre-trib, because all those nasty Christians will be out of our hair. We'll be dangerously low on labour, but I hear there are a lot of people in China who have strong work-ethics.

It sure will be The super-power, though, won't it? Canada won't be doing too shabby, either, and I suspect Quebec will be able to make themselves a country like they've been wanting to, seeing as to how all the Christians are in the west.

Unfortunately, I find myself in the west with all of the more wacky drooling insane christians, rather than the semi-normal Easter-And-Christmas-and-Christening-and-abusing-children-Catholics. Here we have more churches out of people's basements than we have brick buildings with bells. I just saw one a minute ago down the street. New Life or some dumbass thing like that. Well, I hope all the best for them. If their idea of fun is standing around God in a circle, looking at how beautiful he is and singing to him for eternity, then they can just go and do that, and we won't have to be bothered by them any more.

What religion do you suppose will bother us next? Well, if it goes the way they say, we'll all be ... what....Mormons now? We'll see.


a.rational.thinker said...

ZOMG I'm the antichrist. My birthday: 5/1/66.


so then: 5/1/66 becomes 6/66. Get rid of "/" because it's not a number. It then becomes 666. I am the antichrist.

Where do I pick up my check?

Happy Devil Day, Alleee & Francois! Keep up the great work.

breakerslion said...

Are they gone yet? The smug-ass, Holier-than-thou, shit-don't-stink-cause-they're-saved, twisted-and-rationalized-into-complete-insanity Christians, I mean.