Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 4: Beverly's Messages

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  1. Jesus and I Go to Hell by Unknown
  2. Whassa Matta Wit Me? by Lou Carter
  3. Folsom Prison Blues by Margie Brandon
  4. Dancing Tambourine by Paul Whiteman with Invocation of Destruction by Anton LaVey
  5. Satan wears a Satin Gown by Frankie Lane
  6. Wo Sind die clowns by Zara Leander
  7. Famine - Chiquita
  8. The Year 2000 by Estelle
  9. Apres Tois by Vicky Leandros
  10. Shangri-Las radio spot
  11. Satan Takes a Holiday by Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm
  12. Get That Groove In by Blo-- African Disco, Deep Disco from 1970's Africa
  13. Pop Electronique 3 and OT III by L Ron Hubbard
  14. Shangri-Las Radio Spot
  15. Ambrose Part 5 by Linda Laurie
  16. Kids Pow-Wow Songs Medley by Black Lodge Singers
  17. Going to the Go-Gos: Smokey Robinson Vs Chrome. by Mr. Fab
  18. Spiderbaby by Lon Chaney, Jr
  19. Levas Polka -- LoitumaGirl
  20. Haying and Yutia by Alberto Bembo-- Codice d'Amour Orientale

with the answering machine messages of "Beverly Jablonsky"

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