Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yeah, OK, but how about "How to Get out of Prison Supernaturally?"

How to Pay Your Bills Supernaturally, by Robert Tilton

Yes, Tilton is back, and not being raped by other inmates, like he would be, if there were a god.

Solving the Mystery of the Miracle Money

There's the world's way of trying to pay off bills, and there's God's way of supernaturally paying off bills. The Holy Spirit will stir you through these words that you will know nothing is impossible unto you.

I believe by the time you finish reading this book, there is going to be a divine impartation of the Spirit, the presence, and the anointing of God into your life. You will be charged up and on fire because the words in this book are not my words; they are God's Words of Spirit and Life. Like lightning striking and setting you on fire, the Holy Spirit will so stir you through these words that you will know that nothing is impossible to you.

Ask me about my new program, "How to Steal Bandwidth from a Crook, Naturally!"

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