Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 9: Mondo Hubbardo


This week, LeeWood Thomas joins me to help make this, the 9th episode of Mondo Diablo: Mondo Hubbardo. I take the best of Hubbard that I can find, add a review of The History of Man, Hubbard's book, a success story by Heber Jentsch, and a horror story (and recording!) by a Starbucks employee.

  • L Ron Hubbard--The Van Allen Belt
  • Jean-Jacques Perrery--The Savers
  • Santo&Johnny--Slave Girl--Santo & Johnny
  • L Ron--BT's (Body Thetans)
  • Le Tigre--Phanta--Le Tigre
  • Santo & Johnny--Sleepwalk
  • Jefferson Starbucks--We Built This Starbucks
  • L Ron Hubbard--Venusloc
  • Bud Wattles--Gunsmoke--Themes From the Hip
  • Ted Nichols--The Man Called Flintstone
  • L Ron Hubbard--Roman Catholicism
  • Laurie Johnson--Caesar Smith--Sound Gallery II
  • Review of The History of Man--Perrey/Kingsley--Carousel of the Planets
  • Enturbulator 009--OT3--Scientology Sucks
  • L Ron Hubbard-Dumping
  • Marty Manning--The Twilight Zone--The Twilight Zone: A sound Adventure in Space
  • Francois Tremblay--Hubbard's Greatest Hits
  • L Ron Hubbard--Jupiter
  • Horse Which Laughs Friday--Martial Solal
  • The Avalanches--Frontier Psychiatrist
  • L Ron Hubbard--Helicopter
  • Big Jim Sullivan--The Wild One--Lord Sitar
  • Harry Nilsson--Everybody's Talkin'--Midnight Cowboy
  • L Ron Hubbard--DC-8's
  • Koichi Oki--Bridge Over Troubled Water--Yamaha Superstar
  • Don Mimmo--Bang, Bang, Bang

Santo & Johnny
We Built This Starbucks
Enturbulator 009
Scientology Glossary
Scientology Success Stories
Scientology Review: The History of Man

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1 comment:

breakerslion said...

Thank you for this, from the bottom of my intellect. In the late 1970's, I worked in a warehouse. There was a ... person there that talked the way L. Ron did. The shit he spun was different, but just as delusional. His inflections and speech patterns were the same. The thing was, we all knew he was crazier than a shithouse rat. When I say "all", I mean everyone, from college student to high school dropout career warehouseman. What's the matter with these idiot followers?