Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hellbound Alleee Show 121: Get Depoliticized!

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This week, Aaron Kinney joins us to tell you to Get Depoliticized! Stand up! Be disenfranchised! Be actively apathetic! The polls are open in a couple of months--Don't Vote! If you vote, you can't complain about the system you actively participated in!

Franc also tells us other ways, besides not voting, you can start to Get Depoliticized.

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Andrew Greve said...

I won't be voting for the first time, this year!

breakerslion said...

Who says you can't complain about the system you actively participated in? Who makes these rules?

Example: If I want to leave the country (without a whole bunch of skulking and risking arrest for no other reason in whatever country I end up in) I need a passport. Do I sound happy about that? Is that going to stop me from applying for a passport?

The problem I see with what you are proposing, is that nobody gives a fuck about non-votes, and the system prevails anyway. Wouldn't you do better to advocate for a block vote for Zippy the Wonder Dog, or Charlie Manson, or Bozo the Clown? Or are you working for the Conservatives because you know that young Liberals will listen to this but the Blue Bellies will not?

Hellbound Alleee said...

I said that because many people swallow the empty slogan that "if you don't vote, you can't complain."

Well, since I'm "working for the conservatives" (roll eyes), I'll tell you if you believe in democracy, participate in the electoral college, you're actively putting your endorsement on the system and saying that whatever the outcome, you'll agree that democracy has been successful. So enjoy the election. If you're going to tell other people that voting is a moral act, then is it or isn't it a moral act from beginning to end

Francois Tremblay said...
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Francois Tremblay said...

"nobody gives a fuck about non-votes"

The intense state propaganda around election times pretty much puts the lie to that statement of yours. They do give a fuck about non-votes... millions and millions of dollars' worth of propaganda.

"Or are you working for the Conservatives because "

We're anarchists, you moron.

breakerslion said...

That was an "or" statement, as in, "What's the reality here?"

The true Party Conservatives don't care what you call yourselves, or what you believe in, as long as your presence can be used to keep the minority ruling class in power. Ask why the rioting took place in Chicago in 1968 and not Florida. The Party Liberals don't much care either. To paraphrase, "You want to be an anarchist? Stop paying taxes. Their imagination will become your reality very quickly."

breakerslion said...

Franc, you are only partly right about the "get out the vote" propaganda. If a majority of the population did not vote, it would not be a matter of concern. Yes, they try to legitimize their existence with a "majority", but as you pointed out, the Electoral College decides, and in the minor races, no one would care if only 12 people voted as long as their party got 7. The money is just the money. The contributions roll in, and everyone gets paid; the butcher, the baker, the TV Ad maker. Rah, rah.