Monday, September 11, 2006

Is AA a Cult? You Tube Video


Anonymous said...

I suppose anyone that wants followers may be a cult.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Well, no, that wouldn't be correct. Fortunately we have good defenitions for what a cult is. AA happens to fit that definition better than most.

Anonymous said...

May I have your defenition of a cult?

breakerslion said...

In the sense that AA has a belief construct that they insist initiates adopt, and in the sense that the belief construct includes a stigmatized self-image, and denigrates self-worth, and in the sense that it replaces one mental crutch with another, and never does the mental therapy necessary for the initiate to discard said crutch, and in the sense that it retains membership through such tactics, and in the sense that it imposes leadership and fosters a follower mentality, it is a cult. So is any religious organization.

Did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

...imposes leadership and fosters a follower mentality....

Just like America! I LIVE in a cult!

Other cults I'm fond of:
Oakland Raiders
Hellbound Alleee
Swap meets
Fender guitars
Marshall amplifiers
Krispy Kreme
Apple Computer
People with tattoo's
People in wheelchairs

Hellbound Alleee said...

Hahaha, that's really funny, Space, you must be really super smart, and you clearly can't be bothered to LOOK IT UP. So I will wipe you ass for you.

Here's a surprise for you, smart guy: there are many resources out there to objectively determine a "cult." I suppose your lilly fingers are too delicate to click, so I'll impart to you a PARTIAL list.

1: milieu control
The organisation controls its people by group pressure or geographical isolation.

2. cult of confession

3. sacred science
The organisation's methods are perfect. Any fault lies with the person, not with the methods. Furthermore, testimonies and present successes demonstrate that the system works. One must have faith and go on.
That sounds mighty familiar. Doesn't sound like an OBJECT like a DOUGHNUT or a CUP OF COFFEE, as Space so brilliantly suggests

4. loading of the language
The organisation redefines words (especially emotionally-charged words) to suit its outlook in the world, and more importantly, the outlook it wants its members to have. The creation of new words or expressions also isolates the member from the outside world.

There are many more, including these characteristics:

Cognitive Dissonance
Charismatic Leadership
Deception in Recruiting

and on and on. A cult probably have between 5 and 10 points from the main list.

If your fingers are stong and manly (doubtful) you could look this up, by checking some of the phrases I use here. Or you can just jump up and down and get excited and accuse me of thinking Bowling is a cult. Which is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

I never implied I was smart nor a man, that was your predjudice. But, I certainly do not think the drug addict/ alcoholic in the video is any smarter then I am. I am not defending AA or any self-help group. I can find something wrong with everything, just like anyone else. Do you ever see any "good" things? Did you ever look at a puppy dog's eyes and just smile at how cute it was, even though it just took a dump on your floor?