Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 52: Pastor Deacon Fred

Mondo 52

Pastor Deacon Fred's 60-Second Sermons

Pastor Deacon Fred--Sissy Christians
Chuck Aherns--Wallace Cannonball
Pastor Deacon Fred--Breastfeeding
The Moog Machine--You Keep Me Hangin' On
Da Mokettes and the Incredible Q Band--Palolo Valley Girls
Pastor Deacon Fred--Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?
Floyd Cramer--Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne and Shirley Theme)
Six Flags Over Texas--Six Flags Song
Deacon Speaks in Tongues
Synthesizers Unlimited--Pip Pip--Electric Bazaar
Zeb Scott--You've Got the Style, Girl--Big Dipper
An Easter Message--Pastor Deacon Fred
Swing Family--Musical Stars
Flavia and the Motonets--Pecesito
Pastor Deacon Fred--Fearsong
Harold Smart--Wedding of the Painted Doll
Dondero High School--Livin' Thing
Pastor Deacon Fred--Announcement for "Welcome to Jesusland"
Colgems--Solaris from "Murderer's Row"
Preacher--Jesus is Knocking at Your Door
Pastor Deacon Fred--Languages

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PLUNKER said...

Audio cuts out about halfway through, right after the "6 Flags" song.