Saturday, April 28, 2007

Homosexuals: Do you REALLY Want THAT Book to Endorse Your Sexuality? Are you INSANE?

The billboard claims “Jesus affirmed a gay couple.”

A vandal’s own statement — the words “Lie, lie, lie” spray-painted in red — delivered an opposing view above them.

Would I want a crazed, murderous maniac to tell me that I'm a good person, and I'm ok in his eyes? Hell, no! And hell is only one of the reasons. The book the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church defends, says that morality is subjectively contingent on the whims of a being who slaughters the entire population of the world in order to see His vision of an "honorable" human race for a couple of weeks, only to destroy it again in fire. This book the Metropolitan Church claims needs to endorse them, says that the whims of a being who gives us two outcomes for eternity: eternal hedonism, or eternal suffering, is the ultimate good.

Thanks, bible, but no thanks. Nobody needs an OK from you. It's you (the bibble) that obviously needs acceptance from homosexuals. Like most normal western idiots, they give it to you.

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Stephen R said...

Yeah, going to the Bible for advise on sexual issues (when it praises rape, incest and the like) is just crazy.

So this homo sez, Fuck the Bible! :)