Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mondo 53: Storytime with Aunt Bertha

CBH Children's Bible Hour

Sting of Death 1
Alleee1--Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
Ed Sanders--Maple Court Tragedy--Sanders' Truckstop
Sting of Death 2
Bellport High School Jazz Rock Ensemble--Joy to the World with the Mello tones--Bellport HS Jazz-Rock Ensemble Vol 3
Jeri Kelly--Hide and Seek
Pastor Deacon Fred--Pets
Bobby Christian--South Seas Beach House
Troy Cory--Rinky Roo-Rah
Sting of Death 3
Vicki Belmonte--Heaven in a Pair of Wooden Shoes
Unknown Taiwanese Child Singing a Children's Song
Sting of Death 4
Dondero High School Acapella Choir--Fox on the Run
Lucas--Buttons and Bows
Pastor Deacon Fred--Lucaswatch
Franz Mozart's Toy Symphony--Taiwanese Children's Cassette
Lucas--Fartin' Partners
Sting of Death 5
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts--My Ding-a-Ling
Dondero High School Acapella Choir--Roundabout
Sting of Death 6
Brandenburg Big Band--Symphony in G Minor--Classics in Rhythm
Noel Anthony--Zombie Jamborie
Pastor Deacon Fred--Demons in Your Rectum
Sanjalice Marioneta--Lutca Na Koncu
DJ Shadow and Dan "The Automator" --Satchidananda--Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars
Sting of Death 7
Richard Chaimberlain--Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (Theme From "Doctor Kildaire")

Ok now, turn the record over. It's time for more singtime singalong songs!

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articulett said...

Goody--another Mondo Diablo! I listened to 51 and 52 on my mp3 player while shopping, and never have I had so much fun getting groceries. I especially love the bible quotes via electronic voice--it's hysterical...irony-- the present interspersed with the primitive!

I don't thank you enough--but I enjoy your site and podcasts a lot. Thanks!