Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mondo Diablo 62: Happy Fathers' Day, Stupid Girl

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This episode is dedicated to fathers everywhere, and the daughters who suffer.

Teens 1
Alleee 1
The Who Boys * Voodoo Molly
Teens 2
Living Jazz * Sweet Buttercup
Cab Calloway * Zah Zuh Zaz
Teens 3
Armando Trovaioli * Kinky Peanuts
Caroll O’Connor & Jean Stapleton * Those Were the Days (Album Version
Teens 4
Birds ‘n’ Brass * Soul Bossa Nova
Cibo Matto * Aguas de Marco
Teens 5
Buddy Merrill * Caravan
Crazy Girls * Hey, Hey, Ha! Ha!
Teens 6
Charlie Parker * Tico Tico
Danny Kaye * Oh, By Jingo
Teens 7
Coco Briabel * Les Yeux Noirs
Double Six of Paris * French Rat Race
Teens 8
Dave Edwards and his Alabama Boys * Oh, By Jingo
Ed MacMahon * Beautiful Girl
Teens 9
David Carroll * Middle East Mambo
Edith Massey * Big Girls Don’t Cry
Teens 10
Dick Hyman * Topless Dancers of Corfu
Eilert Pilarm * You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog
Teens 11
Django Reinhardt * I Got Rhythm
Alleee End

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