Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mondo Diablo Episode 270 is Bacchanalia Part II: The Soused Period

I guess my math skills are pretty bad. There are FOUR installments to this Bachstravaganza, and this one brings us to about half done. Thank your lucky stars.


PDQ 11
Alleee 1
PDQ * Schleptet in E Flat Major
Parliament Cigarettes
PDQ 12
PDQ Bach * Village Idiot -Monk * Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice: An Opera in One Unneatural Act
PDQ 13
New Horizons in Music Appreciation
PDQ 14
PDQ Bach * Art of the Ground Round: Intro-Loving is as Easy as Falling off a Log-Please, Kind Sir
PDQ 15
PDQ Bach * Jane, My Jane-Nellie is a Nice Girl
PDQ 16
Peter Schickele * Quodlibet
PDQ 17
Peter Schickele * Intro to The Seasonings S 1/2 tsp
PDQ Bach * Tarragon of Virtue * The Seasonings S 1/2 tsp
PDQ Bach * And there Were in the same country
PDQ 18
PDQ Bach * Bide Thy Rhyme
PDQ Bach * Then Asked He
PDQ Bach * By the Leeks of Babylon
PDQ 19
PDQ Bach * Then She Gave In
PDQ Bach * Open Sesame Seeds
PDQ Bach * To Curry Favor
PDQ 20
Alleee 2
Jean-Jacques Perrey * The Savers, modified into a fugue, with very little effort by Alleee