Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poor, Battered, Victimized Atheists

I read this post as a response to What it Feels Like To Be An Atheist: (UTI)

Mary: aaaahh - the comfort of victimhood. Seems to be the basis of our society for the last 40 years or so, doesn't it? No longer do we seek identity as a member of a "winners" group; now we want to be belong to the "losers" group, the victims, the abused, the damaged.

Here's a question for you abused, battered atheists: How many times in the last week were you personally approached by someone trying to convert you to religion? How many tracts did you receive in the mail, how many religious threats or offers in your e-mail, how many times did you have nothing on TV to watch except religious programming? How many people knocked on your door this week with the idea of converting you? How many teachers talked to your children about religion this week? Were the grocery stores closed on Sundays? Did your boss deny you a promotion because you don't attend his church? Have you even had a coworker blathering religion in your ear this week?

I have to agree, that people love to seek identity as part of a victimized group, and it stinks.
What better group of victims to identify with than Christianity?
What better victim to worship than Jesus?

It seems that atheists are to keep their mouths shut until we experience a requisite amount of oppression on a weekly basis. Although I dare say that most, if not all of us have an answer for Mary here.

It sure as hell doesn't take a lot of secularism until Christians are ready to whine and complain about being oppressed. I'm referring to my last post, of course. Chrstians: how many satanist teachers talked to your children this week? How many devil-worshippers tried to sacrifice you this week? How many times this week did devil worshippers make you swear on the Satanic bible? Did you have a hard time finding Jesus starring on tv for all the Satnic Networks out there? How many Satanic presidents proclaimed a National Day of Baby Eating?

If you only had one Satanist eat your baby, and if there is only one multi-billion-dollar Satanic satellite network, and if there is only one Satanist President, and there are only four or five Satanic National Holidays a year, and 55 percent of all the people in your country believe that The Prince of Darkness pooped the universe out of his Diabolical Anus, you have no right to complain. You damned whiners. The Devil-Worshippers only want to peacefully practice their religion by controlling the government and hopefully soon, bringing about the end of the world by an apocalyptic war whereby only those with the Mark of The Beast will escape the Flaming Meat Grinder. Why can't you live and let live, you pansies?

I got read, so here's more of my golden (wink) words:

Click on my name for a post on my blog about this topic, and a bonus post below about the Jingle Bullies--no, not meanie atheists who are stealing Christmas from poor Christians, but Christians who feel they own December and use the phrase "Merry Christmas" as a weapon. It seems December is a time for Christians to whine, complain about being oppressed and exploited, and to arrogantly "pity" those who do not believe in their space monsters.

How much of this religious arrogance are we going to allow and encourage? Christians do not own and did not originate everything good and beautiful about Christmas. They don't even own, and they did not originate mangers, Shepherds, big giant stars, virgin births, and ESPECIALLY Santa Claus. Now is the time to tell them no. We celebrate the bounty and the joy of life, and the world, not death and a false promise of bloody wars to come.
By Hellbound Alleee. Comment posted 15-Nov-2005 @08:10pm:
Also, if anyone wants to get angry about something called "The Commercialization of Christmas," they need go no further than a Christian bookstore, filled with angel figurines, Santa praying at the manger ornaments, Jesus-as-Rockstar stickers, Novelty bibles, Christian vegetables, light-up Marys, Jesuses and saints, and all manner of special deluxe lucky charms and fetishes--and special incantations--I mean "prayers" engraved and personalized.


ConcernedCatholic said...

I don't believe in atheists. I think that they are figments of the Modern imagination. In fact, I just blogged about the topic myself.

Hellbound Alleee said...

That`s nice for you. I guess you don`t care about actual physical evidence, jsut your own selfish thoughts and desires. Of course you don't give a shit about evidence. There's none of it for a thing called "the Modern Imagination," either." Maybe nobody else in the world exists, just you?

If I don't want to believe in your blog entry, I can just pretend it doesn't exist, too. What a fun game! You're not a Catholic, you're a Scientologist, because I want you to be. You silly, crazy Scientologist.

Here's evidence of arrogant, selfish Christianity.

breakerslion said...

You're on a roll! I love it!

I don't think it's productive to play the persecution card, but I have to admit the cultists get plenty of mileage out of it. I would also like to point out, that as an atheist, I resent not being believed in by someone who can believe in the happiest horseshit on earth!

I would also like to point out that it does not take a religious bullshit-artist to make me cringe. The superstitious attitudes fostered by all the "great" religions of the world, and their voodooistic offshoots are pervasive. Every time I hear a cop on "City Confidential" saying something like, "There is an evil force in the world..." Every time some fake psychic starts blathering on and on in such programs as "America's most Haunted..." Every time I see a dreky "Christo-Satanistic" Teen/Horror morality play with supernatural overtones, I cringe because these stupid, stupid beliefs are being reinforced.

What if the Pope said, "Now, shove those beads up your nose." Would that seem crazy to you? Then what about all that other shit? Fire up the incense! Eat this flesh cracker! Original sin??? Happy, happy....

Hellbound Alleee said...

Are you speaking of "A Haunting in Connecticut?"

That was the smelliest piece of pigshit I've ever watched. What a pack of cowardly liars. They find out that their house was a funeral home, and soon it's being invaded by Satan himself. This family was so disfunctional, they mistook a morose teenager (post cancer remission) for someone possessed. He draws some skulls on his Pee-Cee notebook and he's satanic, of course. She tries to mop the floor that has rust stains on it, the stains color the water (or the metal head of the mop is rusted) and the red colour is, of course, blood. Naturally, blood means there are devils in the house.

I saw nothing but wishful thinking, misinterpretation, mental illness, sociopathic behavior, and blatant lies in that show.

breakerslion said...

I have not seen that one, but the pattern is familiar. I am also disgusted at the, Based-on-a-true-Story "Cramityville Hogwash" remake that is ready to burst into theatres like an over-ripe zit. The true story of what happened in that house would make a chilling movie, but the Lutzes were just a lying pack of dipshits that got in over their head on a mortgage, and found a creative way to ... "Get...Out!"

I grew up in another bedroom community to Manhattan, right at that time. I know for a fact that there are still people in Amityville that would like to put the hurt on the Lutzes for the circus they unleashed in that town. The house, by the way, is still there and peacefully occupied.

Rev. Barky said...


Your antagonist has it wrong. We Atheists aren't complaining because we feel terribly victimized, rather, we fume because we are profoundly annoyed! Religionists are the most obnoxious cockroaches we as rational thinkers must endure day after day after day. If every time a car wreck survivor made a point that no miracle was in volved in extricating them from the wreckage, or a politician swore there was no supreme being, Xtians would be swallowing sedatives by the handful instead of one by one. Of course, we would smugly tell them to shut their traps and just deal with it.

The real victims, it is sad to say, is humanity that is being constantly disinformed, emotionally blackmailed and milked for it's cash night and day by confidence professionals that spout a torrent of mumbo jumbo flavored with fear, shame, and guilt.

Atheists have one great joy in life - that they aren't schmucks for religion. For this we are free to dance, gleeful and naked around a burning mountain of Gideon bibles.