Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bananas Gone WIld!

It seems that the banana video has new life!

I posted about this nonsense way back in the olden days, but now I'm hearing about it all over the place. On Penn Jillette's show, on Normal Bob Smith's blog, on J-Walk Blog. I always knew I was a woman before my time. Perhaps in a couple of months the reality meme we're trying to spread will catch on, and the monkeys will think they knew it all along?

Also, please buy and read the trilogy His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. If you have any criticism of Christianity, you'll be so glad you did. I'm serious.

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breakerslion said...

About two weeks ago, I found a four-sided banana, but I ate it before I could photograph it. Hey, I was hungry! Besides, I think you covered it adequately, even though I like Plantanos (Plantains), they just aren't sweet.

As for His Dark Materials, I loved it and recommend reading it as many times as necessary.