Sunday, July 02, 2006

There is No Such Thing as a Monotheist


I got this great email today:

Dear Alleee and Francois,

listening to your shows and reading your articles gives me a lot of ideas about religion and inter-related topics. I came across another idea today about the absurd logic of religion which I think you may appreciate(although you may have written about similar topics in the past).

If I went up to a pastor for instance and told him that he was wrong about the existence of god, and that there were actually two gods, he would tell me I was wrong. I could then try to persuade him by telling him that the second god was a block of cheese. I would even show him the block of cheese, and let him feel it. Maybe I'd let him eat a piece so he knew it was real. He would most likely tell me that I was completely ridiculous or wrong, et cetera. He would then say that a block of cheese can not be a god.

"Well, why not?", i would ask." That is not enough evidence? After all my god is visible, yours isn't!"

The reason I find this analogy interesting is because it shows that god has less legitimacy than a block of cheese.

Ryan e

Indeed. This "god" isn't even American cheese. Living in Quebec, I can see many more reasons to worship cheese than something I can't eat, like "god." Even if you're a smartass and say "HEY! WAIT! What about Hosts! You can eat those, and those are God, after the man in the dress does therapeutic touch on it!"

OK, Smartass hypothetical person, eat this Quebec Sharp and then eat the Host--they sell them in the bulk candy aisle, they're called "Retaille d'Hosties." Now tell me which god is superior, Einstein! And don't tell me they're Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together, either, Mr. 'I don't know my first commandment!'"

That's tellin' em!


Kathryn said...

Cheese would go pretty good with what they use on those tablets during communion.

dlkjdfsa said...

I bet the Spaghetti Monster is getting jealous. Maybe they could combine there forces and become the Alfredo Pasta GOD!

Indigo Red said...

It was Jesus who said, "Blessed are the cheesemakers."

Cheese and God do have at least two things in common:

1. Both get moldy after awhile and need to be trimmed or replaced;
2) Sometimes they just stink.