Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mondo Diablo 12: Mondo Dino

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This week, I present to you a whole lotta Hovind, with the general music theme of "crazy." That sounds appropriate. Hope you enjoy!

  • Kent Quote 1
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
  • Kent Clips on Health
  • Kent Hovind 2
  • Patsy Cline--Crazy
  • Sakamoto Kyu--Sukiyaki
  • Kent Hovind 3
  • Trio de los Panchos -- Sukiyaki
  • Robert Alberg--Martian Sands
  • Kent Hovind 4
  • Nelson Riddle--Lolita Ya Ya
  • Hugo de Groot--Ze Nemen me eindelijk mee ha-haaa (They're coming to take me away)
  • Kent Hovind 5
  • Abbe Lane--You're Driving Me Crazy
  • Mark Kennis--Heart of the Heartland
  • Kent Hovind 6
  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Trailer
  • Igo Kantor and William Loose--Toys of Our Time
  • ELO--Don't Walk Away--Xanadu
  • Kent Hovind 7
  • Ennio Morricone--Tema Italiano
  • Andrew V. (The Family)--Charlie Made a Monkey
  • Kent Hovind 8
  • KV Mahadevan--Kalaimagal Thunal Kondu
  • Enoch Light--Michelle
  • Johnny Romania--Don't Inhale Noxious Fumes
  • God--Bible Medley
  • Kent 9
  • Bran Flakes--No More Free Will
  • Naomi Barfield--Rose of Palestine

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The Science Pundit said...

Nice show. Kent Hovind is so much fun. I'm sure you've already seen it (it's on youtube), but my favorite Kent Hovind clip is when he went up against Ali G. You know what i'm talking about--the floater!

ps- Did you know that plants aren't alive?

Hellbound Alleee said...

Well, I do know about Kent vs Ali G, but I hadn't seen it on You Tube! Thanks.

And also, bugs aren't alive, either. ;)