Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mondo Diablo 43: Newsflash: People Like Porn

Won’t Anyone Think of the Children?

French News Report
Viewer Discretion/You're Gonna Love this
Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
Alleee 1
De Domedaris—Doe Maar Dom!!
Alberta Porn
Leslie Humphries and his Friends—Montreal
Burt Bacharach—What's New Pussycat
Cathedral Porn
Mike Melvoin—Born to be Wild—The Plastic Cow Goes Moog
Master Gunnery Sergeant Bill Dower—Beat It—Physical Readiness Training
Oral Sex Crime
The Champs—Beatnik
Goddard High School Stage Band—Fire
Porn Fone
Kelly Greene—Move On
Little Markie—Fire of Unity
Porn Library
Ergo Phizmiz—Booshka
General Electric Silicone Products Department—Silicones, Silicones—Got to Investigate Silicones
Porn Sword
Larry Fobair—Kinkajou—Larry Plays the Organ at Martinetti's Restaurant in Crystal Lake, Illinois
Anna Nichole
Wii Porn
Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer and Danny Davis—Wabash Cannonball
Flavia and the Motonettes—Hombre Tomate
Baking Sheet Jesus
Les Poppies—Theme L'Oiseau
Little Tony—Non Aspetto Nessuno
Big Blue Marble Theme
Popchor Berlin--Mongoloid
Christian Hate Speech
Tina Charles—I Love to Love
Alleee End

Won't Anyone Download for the Children?

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mondo Diablo 42: Women's Work

Sexy Housefrau


  1. Kerho—Unbalance

  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers

  3. Alleee Open

  4. By Lennon/McCartney— Le Jour La Nuit (You Won't See Me)

  5. 2 Duck Love—Short-Haired Women

  6. LaVern Baker—Jim Dandy

  7. Stu Phillips/The Carrie Nations— In The Long Run

  8. Mrs. Debbie 1—Woman is a Special Creation

  9. Armando Trovaioli—Bada Caterina—Adulterio All'Italiano

  10. Linda Jones—Precious Love

  11. Long Way Back—Sun Worship causes breast cancer

  12. The Famous Casanovas—Girl From Ipanema

  13. Gelu—Chao Chao

  14. Brother Randy—American Distress

  15. Mrs. Miller—Up, Up and Away

  16. Alicia Granados—ABC Yeye

  17. Mrs. Debbie 2—My Husband

  18. Annie Philippe—C'est La Mode

  19. Bel Divioleta—Mucho Tiempo Mas

  20. KayLee—Don't Wear Pants

  21. Debbie Reynolds—Buttocks

  22. Francis Lai—I Don't Know Why

  23. Bluegrass Girl—Teenaged Wives and Mothers

  24. Kovacs Kati—Szolji Ram, Ha Hangosan Enekele

  25. Piero Umiliani—Mah Na' Mah Na'

  26. Mrs. Debbie 3 –Women's "Rights"

  27. Modern Bride—Promo 45

  28. RIAA—Itsy Bitsy Short Dick Man

  29. Xenon II: Most Women are Transvestites

  30. Uschi Glas—Wenn Dein Herz Brennt

  31. Sarah M--Authority

If your husband says it's okay, Download Here

Thursday, February 15, 2007

On the debate over The Blasphemy Challenge: What Will The Neighbors Say?

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I've been reading posts at various blogs about the debate over the Blasphemy Challenge particularly at Debunking Christianity. Some say that the Blasphemy Challenge is a bad move in some political game "we" are playing to get atheists liked by Christians, or "America," or something like that. Well, that's the way I'm seeing this.

Here's my take:

I hope that no one makes the mistaken assumption that these (mostly) young people are making some sort of cheeky political move. I don't agree with making it into a political move, either, because politics are necessarily dishonest. It's, well, gross.

Many of these individuals making the statement are asserting something so much more important than joining some "movement" called capital A "atheism." It's almost opposite: they are claiming moral independance for themselves. They are pointing an accusing finger, yes, at the systems that claim to own them, but it's much more important that they are saying to themselves "I am now responsible for my life, not a god," and probably not anyone else.

To take this away from these individuals and suck them into a "movement" that can take credit for their courage and use them to attain power is pretty hypocritical. If they want to lose their identities in a Group, that's their choice. But just because that's the way the Others sees it is not a justification for it. They cut themselves off from imaginary entities. Why would anyone want to suck them into another imaginary entity called "Atheism," except to get political power? I see it as dueling ghosts against ghosts: the State, the Church, Jesus, and The Interest Group. (Also "radicals," "centrists," and "extremists.") What about People?

The Blasphemy Challenge, as I see it, is definintely an important thing, and I think it's benefit is already attained by those who asserted it. No need to rub our hands together in contemplation of how to use it. Our own benefit is already there.

And There's More!

I had to come up here again after thinking about this post in the shower.

I had to wonder: have those involved in this debate actually sat down and watched some of the Blasphemy Challenge videos? Or is the individual benefit something completely outside of their thinking? Do they understand the benefit of their own personal deconversion, or, if not, do they actually value their atheism? I'm not trying to say that "anyone who debates this is callous and cold," I'm asking if individuals can try and connect their experience to others'. Isn't the experience these individuals are having the point to this whole thing, or are we just talking about How it Makes "Us" Look?

I'm reminded of the debates in the eighties within the "gay community." Many used the exposure the AIDS crisis gave the "gay community" as an opportunity to shove their weight around and tell gay people how to walk and talk. "We are representatives of the Movement," they would say, "so stop being Nelly Queens."

As if.

I'm certain that, as the Intelligent People You Are, you can see how "Movements" are really great at dictating one's life. Some individuals love nothing more than subjugating themselves to political movements. That's their choice. Some of them also see it as a staus that gives them the obligation to dictate to others who share an aspect that the movement is centered on, as if any individual who possesses this Aspect is now subject to their rules and regulations. It's their Duty! Many saw it as a War, a Culture War, I guess you could call it. What else is going to cause this kind of robot behavior, this protective tribalism?

The surreal thing I see here is that the belief system All Atheists are "supposed to" share is that THE ONLY THING CONNECTING ATHEISTS IS THEIR LACK OF BELIEF IN GODS. (Ahhhh, Mennnnnn!)

So, in the quest for political power, I suppose this one similarity is enough to grant one the reponsibility to either correct behavior or the duty to "represent." I say, "'Nuh-UH!" Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone!

And for Christ's Sake, watch some of the videos before making a Pronouncement about it.

For more disjointed ramblings, (and some audio from the actual videos) check out my podcast, Mondo Diablo salutes the Blasphemy Challenge.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mondo Diablo 41: What is Love?

Sad Robot

1. Real Love
2 Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
Alleee Open
3 Enoch Light—Can't Take my Eyes off of You
4 Forever Knight—Love Destroys
5 Everly Brothers—Crying in the Rain
6 Julie London—Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
7 Selfish Love 1
8 Gerry and the Pacemakers—Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
9 Enoch Light—Help Yourself
10 Agape
11.Hank Williams, Sr—I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
12. Dave Pell Singers—Put a Litle Love in Your Heart
13 What's Up, Doc? –Dumbest Thing Ever
14 Christophe—Aline
15 Dr. Love—Mr. Snuggles
16 Ayesha Takia
17 The Five Satins—Crying in the Chapel
17Elvis Costello—Never Fall in Love Again
19 Charles Bronson—Jabas Lublu
20 Don McClean—Crying
21 Feminine Complex—Love, Love, Love
22 Atheists don't believe in Love
23 Dean Martin—I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
24 Leonard Simmons—Somewhere My Love
25 Bad Bible—Take a Prostitute
26 Salvatore Adamo—On Se Bat Toujours
27 The Specialists—Sunrise, Sunset
28 Diane Keaton, Woody Allen—Sex Without Love
29 The Producers—Love Power
30 Alleee End

You're Bad, Very Very Bad

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Les Poppys--Des Chansons Pop

Les Poppys is a manufactured Mini-Pops-style group that came out around the Jesus Freaks fad. Enjoy.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mondo Diablo Salutes the Blasphemy Challenge

Mondo Diablo 39
Salutes the Blasphemy Challenge

1.The Rational Response Squad--The Blasphemy challenge
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
3. France Gall—Don't Make War Captain, Make Love
5. The Apple—from the film "The Apple"
6. Boulou with the Paris All-Stars—Bluesette
8. Hot Butter—Apache
9. Isabel Baker—God's Big Heart
11. Chris Knight and Maureen McCormick (Peter and Marsha)—Spread a Little Love Around
12. The Rebel Force Band—Living in These Star Warz
13. IZZY
14. O Grupo—Passa Por Mim
15. Carl Douglas—Dance the Kung Fu
17. Bob & Doug McKenzie—Strange Brew—The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie
18. JC Penney Company—He's a Penney Man—Spirit of '66
20. Piero Piccioni—Easy Dreamer—Beat at Cinecitta Vol 2
21. A'nt Idy Harper and the Coon Creek Girls—Naomi
23. Command Records—Istanbul—Persuasive Percussion
24. RIAA, Pink, Beach Boys—Get This Orgy Started
26. The Secret Agents—Star Trek Theme—Mission: IMPOSSIBLE
27. Lion Warfield—Bubbles
29. Elizabeth—I'm Not Afraid