Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Episode 48: Mondo Scientifico


Mondo 48: Mondo Scientifico
Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans—What is Energy? Part 1
Alleee 1
Donna Lynn—My Boyfriend got a Beatle Haircut
Dorothy Collins—We Know the Air is There
University of Arizona—Plant defense—A moment of Science
Marais & Maranda—What is an Animal?
Ennio Morricone—Navajo Joe—Titoli Di Testa
The Hi Hopes—Miracle
Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans—What is Energy/The Law of Conservation
U of Arizona—Little Determinists—A Moment of Science
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman—Inch Worm—The Odd Couple Sings
Marais & Miranda—Fossils
Piero Piccioni—Notti Caldi
Trey Parker—On Top of You—Cannibal! The Musical
Marais & Miranda—How Does a frog Become a Frog
U of A—Roots—A Moment of Science
Frank Valdor & Singers—Popcorn
Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans—What is Gravity?
Tabby Andriello—Traditional Sicilian Melody
Golden Flamingo Orchestra—Guardian Angel
Dorothy Collins—What's Inside Our Earth?
The Delta Merchant—Soul Man
Keely Smith—A Hard Day's Night
Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans—A Scientific Fact (Can you hear the facts

that have changed?)
Alleee 2

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Jesus Hopping Christ on the Bunny Trail; It's Easter!


Jay and Silent Bob—The Easter Bunny Did This!—Mallrats
Alleee Open
Horst Muys - Müllemer Bötche.mp3
Easter 1
Andre Williams & His Orchestra--Sweet Little Pussycat--Las Vegas Grind Part Two
Jocelyne--Elle me l'a vole
Easter 2
Billy Smith—Tom Black Stomp—Incredible Hammond Organ
Chan Pao Chu—Fascinating Hong Kong—Miraculous Thief
Easter 3
Songs to Wear Pants To—We Photocopy Our Body Parts
Eduardo Davidson—Le Chien—El Perro
Easter 4
Mike Hankinson—Eine Kleine Nachtmusik—The Unusual Classical Synthesizer
John Strand—Remembering Laci
Easter 5
Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Fóstbræður—Swing Low
Easter 6
Sally Shapiro—I Know
Glenn and Brenda Derringer—It's the Talk of the Town—My Sister and I
Easter 7
Alison Randall—The Book of Peter—A Christian Easter
NPR—The Saint Patrick's Parade
Easter 8
Bert Kaempfert—A Swingin' Safari
Veggie Tales—The New and Improved Bunny Song
Easter 9
Ferrante & Teicher—Ski Fever
Easter 10
Alleee End

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mondo 46: It's No Secret: You're a Gullible Twit!


Mondo Diablo 46
It's No Secret That You're a Gullible Twit

The Secret
Alleee Open
Trude Herr—Weil Ich So Sexy Bin
The Secret 1
John Froman—Wall Street
RC Cola—Truck Driver
The Secret 2
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited—Snake Charmer
Tina Charles—I Love to Love
The Secret 3
Dmitri from Paris vs Kelis—Moogy Milkshake
Dudley Moore—The Real Stuff
The Secret 4
Gershon Kingsley—It Ain't Necessarily So
The Secret 5
Armando Trovaioli—Il Profeta
Bobby Conn—King for a Day (and which cult-celebrity is he singing about?)
The Secret 6
Valjean—Mashmellow Pudding—Mashin' The Classics
A Tech Support Call: Prince Charles, the Antichrist—"Jesus"
The Secret 7
Goddard High School—In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Do You Believe in God Remix—with Little Markie
The Secret 8
Bacharach Baroche—Casino Royale
Flavia and the Motonets—Mariposa
The Secret 9
Joe "Fingers" Carr—Zambesi
RC Cola—Blacksmith
The Secret 10
Alleee End

If You Visualize Yourself With this MP3, It Will Come to You: No Exceptions

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mondo 45: Mondo Cube-O


Mondo Cube-o

Supernova—Time Cube
Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
Alleee Open
Stark Effect—Armour Hot Kids
Gene Ray—Define Time Cube in One Sentence
Frankie Avalon—I'll Take Sweden
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66—Daytripper
Gene Ray—Intro
The Love Machine—Inner Ear Freakout
Frank Gorshin—The Riddler
Gene Ray—The Four Corners
The Satellite Singers and Orchestra—With a Great Big Noise

Like Thunder
General Electric—Welcome to Williamsburg
Gene Ray—No Singularity
Hot Butter—Tomatoes
Rodney Dangerfield—Rappin' Rodney
Gene Ray—The Wisest Human
The Old Codger with R Stevie Moore—Hotcakes and Sausage
Gene Ray—Educated Stupid
The Astronauts—Baja
The Bluegrass Solution—He Was Only 33
Gene Ray—Crackpots Always Hate Gays
We Are So Happy
Malik Adouane—Shaft
Gene Ray—The Fourth Corner
Dick Jacobs—Love Theme From Spartacus
Celia Cruz. EMF—Guantanalievable
Gene Ray—Your Father Was a Fish
Arlin, Cameron—Funshopping
Walter Payton & William "Refrigerator" Perrey—Together
Gene Ray—Gene on Race
Alleee End

Podcast is one-corner head in a four-corner face

"In The Name of Godlessness?" WTF Does THAT Mean?

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Here's another post in a series of Anti-"Atheist Movement" posts. Let the negative comments roll, and welcome to the market anarchists, whoever you are!

Some of you may have read on My Space, or the Rational response squad, a promotion to "do good in the name of godlessness." I suppose it's a sort of political move to show the world that atheists are good people.


You can't show that (all) "atheists are good people." The term "atheists" is a description, like "forest." What is a forest but a group of trees? Can you really claim that every tree in the forest is good, or healthy? Can you claim that every Christian is bad? Would you ever want to?

What does this mean, "in the name of atheism?" You either believe in gods or you don't. Atheism means what it means: godlessness. Why try and confuse the stupid more by creating another political lie? A lie no better than "atheism means being a terrible person."

Of course, by all means, doing good is a wonderful thing. But try to remember: don't "do good" in the name of something. That's like, well, Jesus "dying for our sins." It just isn't possible. Why would you want to endorse false premises like that?

When you "do good," you benefit yourself, in that you are fulfilling YOUR VALUES. Values like, helping society. One thing you can do to help your society is to refuse to promote false premises like doing good in the name of something. Fuck politics. Promote truth.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

If They Want to Take My Streaming Internet Broadcasting, They'll Have to Pry it From My Cold, Dead Hands

New Copyright Fees Set For Internet Radio

The Copyright Royalty Board today issued a decision that sets per performance rates that Internet radio stations must pay each time a single listener hears a song. In doing so, the board rejected the pleas of Internet radio providers that sought royalty rates based on a percentage of revenue.

Attorney Dave Oxenford, who represents several webcasters involved in the case, tells Radio Ink, "This decision just makes it that much harder for people to make any money streaming. Some of the big broadcasters may reconsider their streaming operations."

The minimum fee is $500 per channel per year, although Oxenford notes there is no clear definition of what constitutes a "channel" for services that allow users to create individualized playlists.

The rates to be paid are as follows:

2006 - $.0008 per performance

2007 - $.0011 per performance

2008 - $.0014 per performance

2009 - $.0018 per performance

2010 - $.0019 per performance

Oxenford explains that the 2007 rate essentially translates to one-tenth of a penny per song per listener. Extrapolating from there, a webcaster will have to pay one penny for every ten listeners who hear a single song.

For noncommercial webcasters, the fee will be $500 per channel, for up to 159,140 Aggregate Tuning Hours (one listener listening for an hour) per month. Noncommercial webcasters who exceed that level must pay the commercial rate for all listening in excess of that limit.

Oxenford provides more details on his blog, which can be viewed at www.broadcastlawblog.com.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mondo 44: A Christian Goes to the Movies


Mondo Diablo 44
A Christian at the Movies
South Park—Suck My Balls, Mr. Garrison
Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
Alleee Open
Arling, Cameron—Jealousie
American Beauty Review
Nino Rota—Guido E Louisa Nostalgico Swing—8 ½
Miss Tran Kim Anh—Kansas City
American Beauty End Speech
The Electric Hair—Walking in Space
Wally George—Wally Rap
Office Space Review
Nino Rota—LL Bambino Malato—La Strada
Seu George—Starman—from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Office Space—Paper Jam
The Tune Weavers—Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
1971 Japanese Cast of Hair—The Flesh Failures—Let the Sunshine In
Hulk Review
HBO Music
Vic Dana—Hello Roommate
Hulk TV Clip
Piero Umiliani—Notte Di Messa Estate
Chris Morris—Bad Sex
Pleasantville Review
Thierry Vincent—Munich Party
Ace Spectrum—Easy
Pleasantville Clip
Soul Rebellion Orchestra—Human Tornado—Dolemite
Original Cast—I'm Gay—Let My People Come
South Park, BLU Review
Alleee End

This podcast contains several 3-and-4-letter words!