Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mondo Diablo Episode 215: Christian Pirates Rape Red Riding-Hood

Captain Hook and his crew lure young children to their boat and Shanghai them into accepting Christ with exciting tales involving pirates and dope.


Captain Hook * Intro and Pirate Theme Song
Tiny Tot Calvin * Christian Cowboy
Alleee 1
George Liberace * I'm in Love Again
Christian Pirates
Pirates 2
Kinky Boots
Frances Baskerville * The Vegetables Song
Pirates 3
Knuckles O'Toole * After You've Gone
Captain Hook and his Crew * Joy, Joy, Joy
Pirates 4
Neil Richardson * Play School
Hans Moser * I marschier mit mein'n Duli-Dulieh
Pirates 5
Larry Elgart * Bye-Bye Blues
Captain Hook * Ship Ahoy
Pirates 6
Florian Zabach * Harum Scarum
Nino Roti * 'l'intermezzo' della mantide religiosa
Pirates 7
Rita Ford * Abide with Me
Captain Hook and his Crew * The Lord is My Shepherd
Pirates 8
David Carroll * Pretty Baby
Lord Lebby * Dr. Kinsey
Pirates 9
Ray Anthony * Rock-Umba
Pirates 10
Doris Day * T'Ain't Me
Lynn Foulkes * Top of Topanga
Captain Hook and his Crew * Treasure Hunt

Alleee 2


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mondo Diablo Episode 214: Our Heavenly Father's Plan

This week’s clips are from an LDS (Mormon) video that explains an odd kind of epistemology: pray to God and He will tell you what you need to know. The bilge is rising. Hear a horrible song sung by a child, some Song-Poems, some mashups, and maybe even the Voice of God Herself.


Father's Plan 1
Johnny Pearson * Hummingbird
The Rave-Ons * You Put It Inside
Father's Plan 2
Dmitri Shostakovich * Symphony 11
Pic Nic * San Francisco Bay Blues
Father's Plan 3
Messer Chups * Ich Bin Eine Hexe
Grandpamini * Dizee Goes Peru
Father's Plan 4
Horrible Song
Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers * Take Off My Wig
Father's Plan 5
Ennio Morricone * Un Altro Mare
Chris Wind * Here Comes the Bride
Father's Plan 6
Midas Touch * Loaded Dice
Reuben Reeves * Mazie
Father's Plan 7
Neil RIchardson * Bell Hop
Walter Brennan * Tribute to a Dog
Father's Plan 8
Alan Hawkshaw * Soul Organ Impromptu
Norel Pref * I Apologize
Father's Plan 9
Kinky Boots
RIAA * Hellvis
Father's Plan 10
Alleee 2


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mondo Diablo Episode 213: The Room is in da House

This podcast is dedicated to the Fine Film "The Room," Orson Welles'd by Tommy Wiseau.

Videogum article

The Onion Interview


1-Breast Cancer
Alleee 1
The Ritchie Family * Brasil
Interview with Wiseau
2-Flower Shop
Seller * Brasil
Lecuona Cuban Boys * Guajira
3-O Hai
Terry Baxter * Yellow River
Denny Where's My Money?
4-Dirty Talk
Gill Trythall * Witchita Lineman
Lester Flatt * I Can't Tell the Boys from the Girls
5-Roof Scene
Porter Wagoner * Carroll County Accident
The Room * Audience Reactions
6-Johnny and Dentist Kid
RIAA * Puddin' on a Ritz
Bad School Band * 2001, a Space Odyssey
7-Lisa's Beauty
ToTom * Hang on to the Highway (David Bowie vs Deep Purple)
Mashup Tribute
8-Denny is Taking Drugs
Tracky Birthday with the Disco Ghosts * Eöööhh! (with The Discoghosts)
Wing * Beat It
9-You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!
Bad Boy Bubby * Bubby's Song
The Brooklyn Doctors * The Room is in Da House
10-Leave Your Stupid Comments in Your Pocket
Alleee 2


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Episode 212: Go and Sin No More

Rev. A.A. Allen. classic tent revival preacher, faith healer and alcoholic, reminds us we can resist sin. Though he couldn't, as he died of alcohol poisoning with a level of .36.


Go and Sin 1
Alleee 1
Richard Galliano * Beritwaltz
Malcolm Yelvington * Got Me a Trumpet
Go and Sin 2
Bernie Greene * Ping-Pong
Bert Kaempfert * Chanson d'Amour
Go and Sin 3
Living Guitars * Brown Sugar
Aphex Twin * Nannou
Go and Sin 4
Lenny Dee * Caravan
Binary System * Sound of Music, Today
Subgenius Commercial Break
M. Chantereau and P.A. Dahan * Electronic Suspense
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs * Black Sheep
Go and Sin 5
101 Strings * Disappointed Love with a Desensitized Robot
The Moonlighters * Broken Heart
Go and Sin 6
Leo Diamond * Juba Dance
Disco Dancer * Video Killed the Radio Star in Hindi
Go and Sin 7
Henri Rene * Manhattan Idyl
Holly Yarbrough * Won't You Be My Neighbor
Go and Sin 8
Palala's Hawaiians * Hawaiian Sweetheart of Mine
Little Willie John * I'm Shakin'
Go and Sin 9
Alleee 2


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mondo Diablo Episode 211: Meditations on Self-Awareness with Rev. Antonio Agpaoa

From the 365 Days Project on WFMU:

Tony Agpaoa was the man called the "Father of Psychic Surgery", the practice of curing the infirmed without scalpel or drugs, but faith in God. Many of these so-called healers have been shown to use slight of hand tricks to remove cancerous tumors of pig guts and chicken blood. Agpaoa became a star of sorts when hundreds of suffering people (generally rich tourists) came to him for help at his Bagio City, Philippines office during the 60's.

Although "healing" many people, whenever he or a family member got ill, it has been documented that he had more faith in a U.S. hospital than his own clinic. While in the States in 1967,he was arrested for fraud but jumped bond and went home where he continued his work till his death in 1982 from a stroke.

On this album, we hear the Reverend himself explain in his own soothing voice how we can heal our body and spirit through self-awareness and oneness with the Universal Mind.


Self-Awareness 1
Alleee 1
Enoch Light and his Orchestra * Istanbul
Duke Ellington * Runnin' Wild
self-Awareness 2
Walter Murphy * A Fifth of Beethoven
Emmène * Moi au Bout du Monde
Self-Awareness 3
Poncho Sanchez * Soul Sauce (Guachi Guara)
Grandpamini * Russians Like to Move It too
Self-Awareness 4
Skitch Henderson * Mood Indigo
Fats Waller * Loveless Love
Self-Awareness 5
Enoch Light and his Orchestra * Yaya
Fanfarlo * If it is Growing
Self-Awareness 6
Glenn Miller's Uptown Hall Gang * Pennies from Heaven
Kit Ream * Don't Be So Holy Roly Poly on my Souly
Self-Awareness 7
Jean-Jacques Perrey * Soirée Chez Jean-Sébastien
Darwin Gross * Oh How I Love the Blessed Sugmad
Self-Awareness 8
James Clarke * Boogaloo Smith
Russ David * All of my Life
Self-Awareness 9
Michel Legrand * Alcatraz
Glen Beck is an Idiot
Self-Awareness 10
Alleee 2