Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 148: S.A.V.E.D: Stupid Assholes Violate Ecclesiastical Decree

Letter to Normal Bob Smith (on the sidebar)


S.A.V.E.D. 1
Alleee 1
Wee Willie Shantz * Coo Coo Bird
S.A.V.E.D 2
The Eighteenth Century Concepts * Eleanor Rigby
Jacques Dutronc * Le Responsable
S.A.V.E.D. 3
Theo Schumann Combo * Hackepeter
Dr. Seuss * Fox in Socks
S.A.V.E.D. 4
Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass * A Taste of Honey
Malajube * Casse-Cou
S.A.V.E.D. 5
Ananda Shankar * Light My Fire
Katja Epstein * Ein Haus Auf Einer Insel
S.A.V.E.D. 6
Bernard Fevre * Stars Away
Lordi * Hard Rock Hallelujah (The 2006 Eurovision Contest Winner)
S.A.V.E.D. 7
All-Star Orchestra * Baby Love
Sylvie Vartan * Koibito Jidai
S.A.V.E.D. 8
Sylvano Santorio * Yellow Matching
Marijata * No Condition is Permanent
S.A.V.E.D. 9
The Jamming Scouts & The Pretty Trumpets * Take a Shake
Norm Burns * God is on the Moon
S.A.V.E.D. 10
Ridgels Fountain Citians * Call Your Dog Off
Alleee 2


Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 147: Kermit Schaffer's Pardon My Blooper

Kermit Schaffer


Blooper 1
Alleee 1
Guy Drake * The No Smoking Plot
Blooper 2
Tornadoes 74 * Telstar
Frank Gallop * Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women
Blooper 3
Kleiner Reiter * Hippie Hey
Wax Audio * Mashing up that Hill
Blooper 4
Cesare Andrea Bixio * Come un Miracolo
Plastic Bertrand * Pogo Pogo
Blooper 5
Laurie Johnson * Chase That Car
The Swings * Paper Doll
Blooper 6
Count Five * Psychotic Reaction
Évariste * Les Pommes de lune
Blooper 7
Johnny Patrick * Call Me
The Five Du-Tones * Monkee See Monkee Do
Blooper 8
George Tremblay et ses Brass * Burrito Mistico
Inter Galactic Touring Band * Robot Salesman
Blooper 9
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Locomotion Blues
Leoncie * Sex Crazy Cop
Blooper 10
Frédéric Mercier * Theme for a Child
Liberace * You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Alleee 2

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Episode 146: The Happy Painter

Simply Painting instruction page


Patton Oswalt on Bill Alexander
Alleee 1
Bruce Haack and Ed Harvey * Bored of Education
Happy Painter 1
Ernie Freeman Combo * Rockhouse
Évariste * Connais-tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral
Happy Painter 2
Roy Budd * Free Tarrant
Les Baxter * Whatever Lola Wants
Happy Painter 3
Ted Athing & Alain Feanch * Childrens' Carnival
Billy Hughes * Atomic Sermon
Happy Painter 4
Alan Tew Orchestra * The Pink Panther Theme
Tex Williams * Never Trust a Woman
Happy Painter 5
Roy Budd * So Nice
Letta Mbulu * What's Wrong with Groovin'
Happy Painter 6
Royale Concert Orchestra * Kashmiri Song
Peggy Lee * Spinning Wheel
Happy Painter 7
Juliette LeBlanc * Pink Carpet
The Light Crust Doughboys * Pussy Pussy Pussy
Happy Painter 8
Harry Roche Constellation * Pinball Wizard
Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra * Safety Dance
Happy Painter 9
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Episode 145: Mondo Ranto

In which Alleee rants and scolds and generally complains.

Scary, Isn't It
USAF * Hey, Mister!
Alleee 1
Jerry Whitman * Some Things I Don't Understand
Wait Wait 1
Roy Smeck * Bugle Call Rag
Corky * Love Makes the World go Round
Wait Wait 2
Groucho Marx * I'm Against It
Jo Stafford * The Pussycat Song
Alleee 2
Charlie and Lola
Special to Me
Wait Wait 3
Partridge Family * I Believe in Love
Six Jumping Jacks * I Do Not Choose to Run
Wait Wait 4
Pan-Harmonic Music * Boom Boom
Neil Pye * End of the World Cabaret
Wait Wait 5
Piero Piccioni * Main Titles
Pan-Harmonic Music * Syncopated Clock
Wait Wait 6
Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick * Everybody's got Sex Appeal for Someone
Leonard Nimoy * Both Sides Now
Wait Wait 7
Danny Bonaduce * You're Old Enough to Fall in Love
Curley Coldiron * Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians
Wait Wait 8
Bruce Baxter * I'm Free
Rick Ely * Morning Girl
Chandler Conspiracy * Medley
Alleee 3

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Episode 144: The Marriage Bed

Advice for Young Marrieds


Marriage Bed 1
Alleee 1
The Swings * Senz bens Conce
Marriage Bed 2
Hervé Roy * Fugue à Katmandu
Phoebe Cates * How Do I Let You Know? * Private School...for girls
Marriage Bed 3
Telemusik * Practice Music
Mark Holly * Lying Here Loving You
Marriage Bed 4
Syd Dale * Mexican Ding Ding
Ray Coniff * Younger Than Springtime
Marriage Bed 5
Johnny Pearson * Pop March
The Cranberries * Close to You
Marriage Bed 6
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Prélude à une Angoisse
Pierre Raymonde and Bugs Bower * Pelvic Pleasures
Marriage Bed 7
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Pipo Piccolo
Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee * Cuanto Le Gusta
Marriage Bed 8
Ore 18 * Alberto Bembo
Fred Bongusto & Robby Poitevin * The World of the Blues
Marriage Bed 9
Swing Family * Gentleman and Musician
Patience & Prudence * Tonight You Belong to Me
Marriage Bed 10
Bernardo Estardy * Bistro 95
Christophe * La Petite Fille du 3eme
Franco Micalizzi * The Child And Her Sister
Alleee 2

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Bill of Sale: Snopes

Friday, July 04, 2008

Dmitri, The LOVAR

Dmitri the Lover's website

Article from The Torontoist

Article from CTV News


Dmitri 1
Alleee 1
Mary Roos * L'Autoroute
Dmitri 2
Orchester Lou Castell * Lovebug
George Auld * You're My Thrill
Dmitri 3
Stelvio Cipriani * Cani Arrabbiati
The cast of the Beverly Hillbillies * A Long Talk With That Boy
Dmitri 4
Walter Wanderley * Telefone
The Mike Sammes Singers * Never Seen Anything Like It
Dmitri 5
Kai Winding, featuring Kenny Burell * Hero
The J's, with Jamie * Cotton Fields
Dmitri 6
Stelvio Cipriani * Teenagers Cha Cha Cha
Sister Mary Nelson with J. Davis and C. Nelson * The Royal Telefon
Dmitri 7
Franco Micalizzi * The Criminal Gang
Henri Genes * La Tcha Tcha Tcha
Dmitri 8
Piero Piccioni and Alessandro Alessandroni * Arizona Dreaming
Betty Cody * On Treasure Island
Dmitri 9
Stelvio Cipriani * Enfantasme
Mikhail Boyarsky * Dan Blumin's Russians Love Their Children Too
Dmitri 10
Stelvio Cipriani and Goblin * Incubi Riccorenti
Freddy Mercury * Love Kills Extended Dance Remix (from the 1984 colorized "Metropolis")
Dmitri 11
Wendy Carlos * Badiniere
They Might Be Giants * Robot Parade
USAF * Take a Stand
The Carmets * Mr. Moto
Alleee 2

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Episode 142: George Carlin: Asshole, Jerkoff, or Scumbag?

No, this isn't a hate piece on George Carlin, for those of you who don't know what a "podcast" is. This is George Carlin's bit, "Asshole, Jerkoff, or Scumbag?" Now, on to more pertinent things, like entertaining my intelligent listeners!


Alleee 1
Liz Brady * Palladium
Cecil Canterburn * Catching Game
Billy Bob Neck * Killin' Every Arab I See
Howard Roberts * Girl Talk
Juaneco Y Su Combo * Vacilando con Ayahuesca
Walter Wanderley * Voce E Eu
Vis Iskre * Pepermint Twist
Henry Arland * Mamy Blue
Severina * Moja Stikla
Gershon Kinsley * Sunset Sound
Johnny S Guitar * Fawn Ngeo
Rudolf Belov * Under the Apple Tree
Malajube * Le Métronome
Big Boss Man * Party 7
Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnys * Track 1
Boom Pam * Gross
Ich Troje * Follow My Heart
AJS 10
Joseph Byrd * The Star Spangled Banner
A Sibel Tuzun * Super Star
Alleee 2

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