Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Mixup: Bugs Bunny Vs Elisabeth Claire Prophet

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Since we will be interviewing a member of the Prophet family, and a former member of the Church Universal and triumphant, I thought I'd give this little mixup a try. I mixed a holy sacred chant with Bugs Bunny calling a square dance. Hope you don't mind.
Shake Like a hound dog, shake again,
`till I AM one with the Violet flame

You should look up Church Universal and Triumphant in Google. Or you could just listen to our interview with Sean Prophet on Saturday evening on The Hellbound Alleee show


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Insignificance: the short answer

Secular Capitalist writes:

dOES ANY ONE ELSE HAVE a problem with insignificance?? we are all just one individual out of 6 BILLION. and that's the .. of people who r alive. imagine how many more have lived and died. also imagine how smal we r when compared to the solar system, universe etc.... It bothers the shit out of me. it's probably why i was hostile to the idea of "god" even at a young age, way before i understood evolution, big bang etc...

My Answer:

It's been said that the man who can stare into the abyss and learn his true insignificance in the world and not go crazy, he is truly enlightened. This idea, of course, appears in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I don't knwo how insignificant I am, but I don't generally "live" in the cosmos. I live in the world, and in my own world. All I can do is all I can do. There is no reason for this to make anyone depressed. It could make someone appreciate the fact that he is even alive--something that Dawkins wrote about. Since the chances were astronomical that you even exist, that should make you proud to be here. You, not trillions upon trillions of other people. That's better than being voted American Idol, Canadian Idol, Armenian Idol and all the other Idols all at once.

Christians think that without God, atheists must be depressed all the time. How could we be when we know that there is only one life we get in this big old universe, and we're too busy getting all we can out of it to worry about it--at least, that's what we should be doing. Getting our asses in gear and living--and laughing at those poor sons of bitches who don't know what they're missing.

Show # 88: What is Calvinism?

This week on the Hellbound Alleee show, we talk with Zachary Moore, molecular Biologist, host of Evolution 101, and a former Calvinist.

I used to think that the weird sects of Christianity were groups like the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses; the smaller groups. But aftre speaking with Zach, and reading more , I've come to the conclusion that they have nothing on my own former religion, Presbyterianism. When you're there in the church, singing the hymns, staring at the minister's new purple robe for Christmas, gazing at the organ--the pipe organ--you sort of tune out the minister, who probably isn't talking about the real weirdness of Calvinism anyway. The Calvinism we talk about on our show. Be sure to tune in.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Log Yer Junk!

I posted this stuff in Junklog. You can list all of the stuff you're reading and watching, and put it in your blog. It's sort of distracting.

  • The Bookman's Wake (Cliff Janeway Novels (Paperback)) by John Dunning

    For a casual read, this one is pretty satisfying. Cliff Janeway is both cop and book geek, so you are sure to learn more about the world of book dealing than you ever wanted--in a hard-boiled sort of way. This should be fun for book collectors, Seattleites and fans of hard-boiled detective fiction.
    (tags: mystery detective)

  • Kung Fu - The Complete First Three Seasons

    This series shows us concepts and cinematography unlike anything else on television. I am always really pleased with the creativity and intelligence of each episode. Both excellent AND campy--how could you beat that?
    (tags: Shaolin Western Carradine)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Response to "Hellfire," and my Answer

From: HeavyHeart
Date: Jan 19, 2006 2:28 AM

Aha. You said that almost exactly as I would have. Although I'm a bit wary of your real reasoning on the subject of christianity but I agree in general with the problem you are presenting. The only reason I'm wary of your reasoning is simply that from what I've read you seem more on the side of simply hating christianity which is usually for other reasons, rather than making real premises and conclusions. But whatever, don't take that personally lol. I'm really interested in what you think on other subjects now though! Mind if I ask you some other basic philosophical questions? I've been "searching" for a long time now for many conclusions on philosophical and religious concepts. Anyway, let me know. :)

You need not be wary! What I "seem" to be is not. I do not simply hate christianity for these "other" reasons you speak of. I have been writing and making shows for years now, and have given, many times, reasons to hate christianity. It's not a simple matter of hating christianity. The problem is that christianity is immoral. It is directly opposed to my values. Is that reason enough? Christianity is based on a false concept: Original Sin. It claims that all humans are born evil, (starting with two humans that could not have possibly existed).and that the only way to attain God's "grace" is to accept that an innocent man, executed, can magically absorb that evil. Otherwise, we are going to hell.

The concept of hell, introduced the way we are familiar with it, was introduced by the character Jesus. It is assumed that eternal torture (or this twilight zone torture) is actuall just. For finite "crimes," like being in the wrong religion.

These are just two reasons to "hate" christianity. The religion itself is contradictory, inconsistent, and teaches as truth terrible horrors and plain-as-day falsehoods. It is considered moral--no, essential, that we bring children up with these false and immoral beliefs.

I attack christianity, not because of what you seem to think are "the usual reasons." I don't know what those are--is it childhood trauma? I believe that to be a myth perpetuated by Christians who know darn well that there is plenty of trauma in many christian childhoods, yet most remain christian anyway. Sure, there exist atheists who are not really atheists-but "mad-at-God-ists." I had a happy christian childhood, thanks to parents who were sane and kind. I was not abused by a christian, but abused by the religion. My parents constantly reinforced my "shield" against immoral christian concepts by giving me a moral compass of curiosity, independance, and reason. Too bad most kids don't have the privilege.

Sorry for the long response. I just had the time today.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm a Crusader that Attacks Everything That Moves

I really enjoy the J-Walk blog. But I have this problem. See, when I see stupidity, I have this compulsion to point it out. Yes, I have a gigantic mouth on me. But when you're looking at a fucking Fascist Totalitarian monument on someone's front lawn and think, "aww. That harmless and kind of cute," you can't help but throw up a little, in your mouth.

The difference between me and the others is that I attack religion. They attack people. I don't know how I got from a joke about the Ten Commandments monument to being a jihadist, but what do you expect from Christians?

(Check the Comments.)


I was so irked by this that we decided to put out another podcast replacement for our regular Sunday live show. It;s a two-hour deal, so enjoy. It may not be 100% work-safe, so be warned. And don't turn your speakers all the way up. I also included some real abomidable songs to listen to. I think it was good. I sure as hell feel better!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

America is Educated Stupid

If you didn`t get a chance to see the excellent 20/20 special with John Stossel Last night, you can read his article in Reason Online:

Why your kids are probably dumber than Belgians

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The God Delusion

The first episode of Richard Dawkins' series on the danger of religion -- even when it seems nice, sweet and benign.

The God Delusion

(Quicktime file)

Once you have watched the file, you can read my comments below.

The conversation with the Jewish-turned-Muslim guy was quite enlightening. It shows the pure moral relativism that Muslims like him practice, even if they would be quite offended by that notion.

If you asked them, "are women human?" they would say certainly. (They might even claim that women are "treated better." Sure thing.) If you asked them "is it good to own human beings," they would either say "no," or "only women." Which is called moral relativism. If it is bad to own human beings, then it is bad to own any human being.

I'm not accusing this of all men--I love men--but I don't know if many of them understand the feeling that many women get when they hear people speak like this man did. When I hear this stuff, it's like a tightening in my throat.

When religion becomes law, the first thing to happen is guys like this sound reasonable. "You have to get your women off the street and into modest clothing." They relinquish all responsibility for their sexual morality and claim that "dressing like Brittney Spears" will cause them to rape. It has nothing at all to do with morality, and everything to do with what I've been calling "religious hedonism." What a delicious, prurient thought, that one could lose all sexual control because of someone else, someone "wicked." It's right out of fifties erotica.

The good news is that the "American bitches" I hear some men talk about would never allow this sort of crap to happen to them. They would be able to take a moral stand on this. And if it's moral for us, it is moral for the women there, too. It doesn't matter what "people think." This truth, that humans are not to be owned, comes from reality, from nature, not from a cultural cowpath. The religious always claim there is one law: God's law. So why is it so full of exceptions? (Because many worship a God that is not subject to its own laws.)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Hellfire: The Lynchpin of Christianity

And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck. If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out. And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than to have two feet and be thrown into hell. And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell, where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched. Everyone will be salted with fire. --Jesus Christ

Many Christians are extremely offended if they are accused of believing that people are going to burn forever in hell. "I'm a true Christian," they say, "I would never believe that God would do such a cruel thing."

Some even go so far as to reject the concept of Hell altogether. They are not like those Christian fundamentalists, and You are "just as bad as them" for suggesting such a thing.

What we have is a case of a christian doing a BIG Christian no-no by using their own worldly moral judgement--something that, of course, people cannot have for themselves. Morality is put into our hearts by God.

I say, if you don't believe in hell, you're not really a Christian.

What does one need, minimally, to be a Christian? Without specific recommendations from individual sects, one must believe in and follow Jesus Christ. In other words, one must believe Jesus is the Christ. That means one must believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God (and/or is God) and died to be the Savior--the Christian, through this belief, is saved. Salvation is the act of delivering one from sin.

That definition seems to beg one big, fat muthuh of a question:

Delivered from sin for what? Saved from what? Saved from Original Sin, or all the bad things we do of course. But why do we need to be delivered from the bad things we do?


If the only answer to this is "we are saved from death," we need to examine just exactly one believes about death itself. Some who reject hell as a bad place to go will answer "eternal separation from god." But, either eternal separation is a punishment all atheists are going through right now--which is certainly no punishement, or this "eternal separation" is something of a Twilight Zone Hell. Remember the first episode of the Twilight Zone, "Where is Everybody?" A man wakes up in a town that is normal in every way, except that there are no people? He goes insane within a half-hour. Well. That's kind of cruel. God makes all non-believers live in insanity for eternity.

In one of my earlier shows, I quoted a young man's idea about what "eternal separation from god" was. He said that it was like your worst pain in your life, only multiplied a hundred times. Twilight Zone Hell. You believe in hell.

Some who say we are saved from death believe that death is lying or floating in the dark for eternity, doing nothing.. Well, that's not death. Any conscious person (ignoring the fact that consciousness requires eating and getting rid of waste, etc) would go insane after awhile. Twilight Zone Hell.

Supposing a Christian really knows what death is. In that case, they are saved form nothing, becasue death is nothing. Again, they can only be saved from my fate, which would be ridiculous. Why would someone have to endure three days of torture on a cross to save people from a life like mine? I've had a great life--much better as an atheist than as a believer, by the way. Did Jesus endure the crown of thorns to save people from being overweight with a minor dental problem? If so, why are there so many fat, toothless Christians (and so many dead ones, too)?

To be a nice, fair, moderate, non-violence Christian, you are going to have to reject one of the main tenets of Christianity. Without salvation, there is no need for a Jesus. Without Jesus, well, you ain't no Christian.

Some Christians have managed to ask themselves the question: "If believe God is good and omnibenevolent, how can I possibly believe in Hell?" Maybe those Christians ought to look at what Jesus said in the above quote as well and ask themselves: "if I have decided that the concept of eternal torture is immoral, why do I worship someone that said it was?"

Now to do away with Original Sin.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Our Sermon Today is "What Pat Said."

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we discuss Pat Robertson's remark that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke is divine retribution for giving up the Israeli settlements in Gaza.

From The Y Files: Pat May Be A Loon, But He's Our Loon

But tonight, I was pretty stunned myself when former Congressman-turned-Fox News talk show host John Kasich, subbing for Bill O'Reilly on "The O'Reilly Factor," offered a sort-of defense of Robertson, whom he judged to be guilty only of poor timing.


Paul Levinson: I have an enormous amount of respect for the scripture, but when people in our modern age try to apply it literally in a fanatical way, it leads to graceless, absurd statements such as Pat Robertson made. If you think about the fact -- the only other public figure who' commented about Sharon's dying being appropriate in any way is the President of Iran, who's a fundamentalist Islamic nutcase.

John Kasich: (chuckles) You're not trying to compare Pat Robertson to the--this lunatic over in Iran, are you?

Janet Folger: I hope not.

Paul Levinson: I'm comparing two people who are fundamentalists and who don't seem to have a modern view of the world -- who don't seem to understand that the Prime Minister shouldn't be judged according to scripture when he's on his deathbed.

Not be judged according to scripture when he's on his deathbed? Isn't that---doesn't it say---? Damn Christians don't know no damn thing about they bible.

Be sure to check out the entire transcript on the blog. They almost-but-not-quite have something, they've almost made it to the terrible, yet true conclusion: that the Old Testament should never be applied to anything in "modern life." Pat Robertson is being who he is--a findamentalist, applying scripture to modern life. What he says is perfectly logical in a biblical context. At least, in a context where the people of the US are God's Chosen, instead of some middle eastern nomads, Of course, one thing they said is correct. In the Old Testament stories, Pat Roberson would probably be turned into something by God for daring to assume the mind of God. It would probably be exceedingly gory, and would be ignored by modern Christians, for its goriness.

Monday, January 02, 2006

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OK: so, next time I want to get a lot of hits, I'll be sure to use words like "naked" and "bound," and "girls" a lot. Because, you know, I really want to have a lot of porn surfers reading my blog. Who wouldn't?

Seriously, though, welcome, porn surfers. I hope stumbling upon this blog has been better than frustrating, but I fear it is. My advice is to try using quotes around what you want to search for, like "naked jigsaw" or "bound girls" or whatever you think the porn sites might actually phrase it. Also, don't bother with crap searches like MSN . Go google. Always google it.

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