Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm a Crusader that Attacks Everything That Moves

I really enjoy the J-Walk blog. But I have this problem. See, when I see stupidity, I have this compulsion to point it out. Yes, I have a gigantic mouth on me. But when you're looking at a fucking Fascist Totalitarian monument on someone's front lawn and think, "aww. That harmless and kind of cute," you can't help but throw up a little, in your mouth.

The difference between me and the others is that I attack religion. They attack people. I don't know how I got from a joke about the Ten Commandments monument to being a jihadist, but what do you expect from Christians?

(Check the Comments.)


I was so irked by this that we decided to put out another podcast replacement for our regular Sunday live show. It;s a two-hour deal, so enjoy. It may not be 100% work-safe, so be warned. And don't turn your speakers all the way up. I also included some real abomidable songs to listen to. I think it was good. I sure as hell feel better!

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