Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 13: We're Always Awesome

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This week, I intended not to have a theme, but wouldn't you know it, Homestar Runner pushed his way into the podcast. Hence, "We're Always Awesome."


  • Kids Messing Around--Jesus Christ/Spanish Harlem
  • Homestar Runner--Everybody
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
  • Perry Como--Papa Loves Mambo
  • Maurice Chevalier--You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
  • Luie Luie--El Touchy
  • Homestar Runner--Ballad of the Sneak
  • -clip-Believe in Jesus
  • -clip-Homestar Runner's LIMOZEEN--Brain Sister
  • YTMND--I Love Supermario Remix
  • Heino--Schwarzbraun ist die Hazelnuss.
  • Mike Chapman--Doley-O--The Cool Tapes (Homestarrunner)
  • PSA--Hence the Name--That Stuff in the Medicine Cabinet is Not Candy
  • Ananda Shankar--The Streets of Calcutta
  • Clip--Homestar
  • Madeline Chartrand--Ani Kuni
  • WEYE--Tune in and Turn On
  • Leland Stanford Jr University Marching Band--Roundabout
  • Nicoletta--Aye, Aye Carumba
  • Jack Benny NAB Spot
  • Strong Bad--Everybody to the Limit
  • The Bran Flakes--A Susie Moppet Singtime Singalong Song
  • Radio Pyongyang
  • Teen Girl Squad--The Chumbly Wumbly Bear
  • The Carlson -- He Washed my Eyes With Tears
  • Matt & Sylvia--Walk on By
  • Strong Bad--Save the Last Email for Strong Bad
  • Phil Bodner-Lullaby of Birdland
  • Zarah Leander -- Vil ni se en stjarna
  • Strong Bad--Circles
Websites Mentioned in the Show
Luie Luie
Incorrect Music Playlists and Archives on WFMU
Heino Fan Post
Cool Tapes

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Homestar Runner Site

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hellbound Alleee Show 119: Jehovah's Witlesses

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This week, Francois Tremblay takes the helm, with Aaron Kinney, to speak with David Pearson, of Silent-Movies.org about the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses, and its prophesies of doom. Find out why the cult is afraid of its history, and what to do when one of them knocks at your door.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jesus: That Asshole Can NOT Save the Church From Itself!

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Jesus was a jackass.

Today, christians as well as atheists continue to hang the sins of the religion on the cross, in hopes that these literally mythological teachings of Jesus will make the ultimate "no true Scotsman" argument. Sure, the Church has committed atrocities. Sure, those other christians are bad, and are fundamentalists, and are leading christians away from Christ and His Lovely, Peaceful, Sexy Teachings. And, sure, there's no god, and it's silly to believe in magic and stuff, but that Jesus, He was a revolutionary, and said all this stuff about peace and love and Eating Vegetarian that Nobody Could Have Possibly Thought About Before, so they killed him.

Here's the dope:

First, there was no Christ.
Second, the "teachings" in scripture are crap.
Third, they were taken from other belief systems (and imagination) by people who were probably in their early twenties, and what do they know?

I read an interesting blog today, which listed "Golden Rules" from other belief systems. I noticed that there was one that stood above the rest, coming from a mystical place called "Ancient Egypt."

DT Strian Philosophy Blog
Golden Rules from Many Cultures

10. Do for one who may do for you, that you may cause him thus to do.
Ancient Egyptian, The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant The original dates to 1970 to 1640 BCE and may be the earliest version ever written.
It's important to note here that it is simply not a "version" of the Golden Rule. It is absolutely different, and may very well be diametrically opposed to what many believe to be a teaching of Christ--not being selfish, or using people, or being nice or some such thing. You won't be finding any of that in scripture, of course.

I have a point, believe it or not. That is, that believers and non-believer fans of the character do the very same thing as the sources for the gospels. They attribute ideas to their favorite movie character. Isn't that something Dumbledore would have said? Harry Potter would have done that! That's a Spock line, right?

But the sad, sad truth is, the real lines in the movie aren't that good. The character's main job is to legitimize the Old Boys, not to bring dancing back to Lehi, Utah like Kevin Bacon did in Footloose. Jesus said that heaven and earth would pass before those neat, hippy laws like killing children for lipping off would be abolished. Jesus Loved Children. How revolutionary is it to uphold the culture of slavery and racism? How peaceful is it to come roaring into town with a sword in your mouth, killing creatures that simply don't stand a chance, and knew they didn't from the start? How Great is it to tell people that if they don't follow him, they'll be scorched and eaten from the inside by parasites?

Jesus was an unbelievable ass. So stop having a crush on him. You'd do better by Severus Snape. Did he advocate torture?

Mondo Diablo 12: Mondo Dino

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This week, I present to you a whole lotta Hovind, with the general music theme of "crazy." That sounds appropriate. Hope you enjoy!

  • Kent Quote 1
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
  • Kent Clips on Health
  • Kent Hovind 2
  • Patsy Cline--Crazy
  • Sakamoto Kyu--Sukiyaki
  • Kent Hovind 3
  • Trio de los Panchos -- Sukiyaki
  • Robert Alberg--Martian Sands
  • Kent Hovind 4
  • Nelson Riddle--Lolita Ya Ya
  • Hugo de Groot--Ze Nemen me eindelijk mee ha-haaa (They're coming to take me away)
  • Kent Hovind 5
  • Abbe Lane--You're Driving Me Crazy
  • Mark Kennis--Heart of the Heartland
  • Kent Hovind 6
  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Trailer
  • Igo Kantor and William Loose--Toys of Our Time
  • ELO--Don't Walk Away--Xanadu
  • Kent Hovind 7
  • Ennio Morricone--Tema Italiano
  • Andrew V. (The Family)--Charlie Made a Monkey
  • Kent Hovind 8
  • KV Mahadevan--Kalaimagal Thunal Kondu
  • Enoch Light--Michelle
  • Johnny Romania--Don't Inhale Noxious Fumes
  • God--Bible Medley
  • Kent 9
  • Bran Flakes--No More Free Will
  • Naomi Barfield--Rose of Palestine

With the voice talent of

Websites Used

**For real information on evolution, visit
Talk Origins
Talk Reason
Evolution Happens

*** For real information about vaccinations, visit
National Network for Immunization Information
John's Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety

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God Save and Bless the Queen for Protecting her Subjects from Bassoon Bombers and Tuba Terrorists!

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Instruments, players separated by air security rules

Musicians flying to and from Britain are being forced to put delicate and valuable instruments into aircraft holds, and one U.S. orchestra canceled its tour after new security measures were imposed.

The British Musicians' Union said Tuesday that rules introduced this month after a suspected plot to blow up aircraft between Britain and the United States could have a "devastating impact."

"Many artists, who generate significant income when working abroad, are having their livelihoods threatened by being unable to take their instruments onto an aircraft as hand luggage," said the union's assistant general secretary Horace Trubridge.

He said replacement costs for an instrument in excess of 30,000 pounds ($57,000) were "not uncommon."

I would never have considered checking my violin on an airplane, for any reason. And it's worth 500 bucks. Have you seen how they treat luggage that's checked? Have you ever had stuff destroyed? What if it were your Strad? Well, check this out:

And violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman told the New York Times recently that security officials had asked him to remove the strings of his rare Guarneri del Gesu violin.

"I've had unbelievable discussions at certain airports," he said, while waiting at Atlanta airport.

Sure, snobby old longhairs, right? Would you check your cat?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Atheist Under Your Bed: FAQ

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Do I have another kindred spirit? Maybe!

“How can atheists get up in the morning and get through their day knowing that they’re eventually going to die? Without heaven and an afterlife, it’s pointless! Why don’t atheists just kill themselves and be done with it?”

Here's how I respond to that:

People who ask this question seem to be making a few unwarranted assumptions about life and the nature of things.

Their thinking can be summarized in the following syllogism (or a similar one):

First Premise: Things that don’t last forever have no value.

Second Premise: Human life doesn’t last forever.

Conclusion: Human life has no value.

To avoid the conclusion that human life has no value, many theists deny the second premise and assert that human life DOES last forever in some form.

Atheists like myself prefer to deny the first premise. We believe that even if something doesn’t last forever, it can still have value.

For example: My car has value today even though it almost certainly won’t be around 20 years from now. The fact that it gets me to where I want to go now isn’t changed or diminished by the fact that the day will come when it no longer runs.

Another, perhaps even better way of looking at it: Just because the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie doesn’t last much longer than the time it takes to eat the cookie is no reason not to eat cookies!

What’s more, believing or not believing in gOd or the afterlife neither increases nor decreases the power of cookies to make us happy.

Indeed, it seems to me terribly greedy of people to expect both chocolate chip cookies AND immortality.

(Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe it’s time for me to revisit my own little bag of heaven.)

As I said in an earlier post, I am against Christianity because its values are backwards. I'm glad this blog put it so succinctly.

Hellbound Alleee Show 118: Heaven: A Nice Place to Visit, But...

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Aaron Kinney joins me for a discussion of heaven, based on scripture and "divine revelation." What does it look like (a large gleaming cube), what are its inhabitants really like, and what happens there.

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Why I am Against Christianity (Among Other Religions and Systems)

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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."
--Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

1. It's a scam that hurts people

People are promised bliss and riches, after death, and the price is freedom.

2. Its values are backwards

Suffering is bliss, abuse is love, truth comes from imagination and wishes, dreams are real, reality/nature is corrupt, death is gain while life is meaningless.

3. It takes away one's moral autonomy

Followers are told judgement is a sin. It turns morality into an imaginary, arbitrary, subjective standard instead of a system based on the facts of causality

4. It causes humanity to hate and distrust one another

As stated in number two, nature is corrupt because Man is corrupt. Man cannot be trusted and needs to be watched over by a Transcendent Authority with a Transcendent Standard to mete out punishment. Individuals are given imaginary differences based on bloodlines/"nations," and are encouraged to prize these over Humanity itself. Some bloodlines/"nations" are told that the Authority has judged these "special." Through this the Authority and its scripture designates these different labels as "enemies.

That about covers Christianity. Please note that the terms "Government," "State," and "Democracy" can replace the terms "Authority" and "Scripture" in most cases.

Friday, August 18, 2006

"We Need Government Because People are Bad" A Beginner's Guide to What Eventually will be Obvious

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"But it's the best system there is!"

"But what else can we do?"

First, a myth, second, an argument from ignorance. If "I" can't figure it out, then Government must be necessary. The first objections: "But people must be protected!" That's a good argument for the mob when they extort "insurance" from business owners, against their own violence. There's no protection against the ruling class' violence against us, since this kind of self-defense is illegal. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is not an "anarchist blog," per se, and there are quite a few blogs that take care of these questions.

So I'll stick with the beginners' stuff. And there's no better place to start than with the Argument from Morality, by Stefan Molyneux. Here are some excerpts:

To begin, there are really only three principles to remember when using the argument from morality:

1. Nothing exists except people.

There is no such thing as "the government," or a "country," or "society." All these terms for social aggregations are merely conceptual labels for individuals. "The government" never does anything – only people within the government act. Thus the "government" – since it is a concept – has no reality, ethical rights or moral standing. Moral rules apply to people, not concepts. If anyone argues with you about this, just ask them to show you their "family" without showing you any individual people. They’ll get the point.

2. What is good for one must be good for all.

Moral beliefs, in order to rise above mere opinion, must be applicable to everyone. There is no logically consistent way to say that Person A must do X, but Person Y must never do X. If an action is termed "good," then it must be good for all people. If I classify the concept "mammal" as "warm-blooded," then it must include all warm-blooded organisms – otherwise the concept is meaningless. The concept "good" must thus encompass the preferred behaviour for all people – not just "Orientals" or "Policemen" or "Americans." If it doesn’t, then it’s just an aesthetic or cultural penchant, like preferring hockey to football, and loses any power for universal prescription. Thus if it is "good" for a politician to use force to take money from you and give it to me, then it is also "good" for anyone else to do it.

3. What is bad for one must be bad for all.

Conversely, if it is wrong for me to go and steal money from someone else, then it is wrong for anyone to go and steal money from anyone else. If shooting a man who is not threatening you is evil in Atlanta, then it is also evil in Iraq. If being paid to go and shoot someone is wrong for a hit man, then it is also wrong for a soldier. If breaking into a peaceful citizen’s house, kidnapping him and holding him prisoner is wrong for you and me, than it is also wrong for the agents of the DEA.


The State

Certain people calling themselves "the state" claim the moral right to use force against other people – a moral right, they claim, that is based on elections. Very well – all we have to do is ask which moral principle justifies this rather startling right. The answer we will get is: when the majority of people choose a leader, then everyone has to submit to that leader. Excellent! Then we must ask if senators and congressmen ever defy their party leader. If they do, then aren’t they acting immorally? Their party has chosen a leader – don’t they then have to obey that person? If they don’t, then why do we? Also, if the principle is that the majority can impose the leader’s decisions on the minority, why is that only the case for the government? What about women, who outnumber men? What about employees, who outnumber managers? And last but not least, what about voters, who outnumber politicians? If the majority should forcibly impose its will on the minority, shouldn’t we all have the ability to throw politicians in jail if they don’t do what we want? What if atheists outnumber Christians in a certain town? Can they ban churches? Can Mormon wives "outvote" their husbands? Students in universities outnumber professors – can they then threaten jail for bad marks? Patients outnumber doctors, prisoners outnumber jailers – the list goes on and on. If the moral theory of "majority rule" is valid, then it must be valid for all situations. If not, then it is a pure evil, since it supports the use of all the ghastly horrors of the state – theft, kidnapping, imprisonment – and sometimes, as we all know, torture and execution. Thus the moral theory which justifies and demands the exercise of such terrible power better be pretty damn airtight – and as you can see, it is riddled with nonsense.

For more information on how I have the gall to say such crazy things, visit these blogs/sites:

Simply Anarchy

Freedomain Radio

Check Your Premises

There's No Government Like NO Government

Strike the Root

"You see, we all live under an implied social contract..."

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Lifted from Adrian Marza's blog, There is No Government Like NO Government (among others):


Between an individual and the United States Government

WHEREAS I wish to reside on the North American continent, and WHEREAS the United States Government controls the area of the continent on which I wish to reside, and WHEREAS tacit or implied contracts are vague and therefore unenforceable,

I agree to the following terms:

SECTION 1: I will surrender a percentage of my property to the Government. The actual percentage will be determined by the Government and will be subject to change at any time. The amount to be surrendered may be based on my income, the value of my property, the value of my purchases or any other criteria the Government chooses. To aid the Government in determining the percentage, I will apply for a Government identification number that I will use in all my major financial transactions.

SECTION 2: Should the Government demand it, I will surrender my liberty for a period of time determined by the government and typically no shorter than two years. During that time, I will serve the Government in any way it chooses, including military service in which I may be called upon to sacrifice my life.

SECTION 3: I will limit my behavior as demanded by the government. I will consume only those drugs permitted by the Government. I will limit my sexual activities to those permitted by the Government. I will forsake religious beliefs that conflict with the Government’s determination of propriety. More limits may be imposed at any time.

SECTION 4: In consideration for the above, the Government will permit me to find employment, subject to limits that will be determined by the Government. These limits may restrict my choice of career or the wages I may accept.

SECTION 5: The Government will permit me to reside in the area of North America which it controls. Also, the Government will permit me to speak freely, subject to limits determined by the Government’s Congress and Supreme Court.

SECTION 6: The Government will attempt to protect my life and my claim to the property it has allowed me to keep. I agree not to hold the Government liable if it fails to protect me or my property.

SECTION 7: The Government will offer various services to me. The nature and extent of these services will be determined by the Government and are subject to change at any time.

SECTION 8: The Government will determine whether I may vote for certain Government officials. The influence of my vote will vary inversely with the number of voters, and I understand that it typically will be minuscule. I agree not to hold any elected Government officials liable for acting against my best interests or for breaking promises, even if those promises motivated me to vote for them.

SECTION 9: I agree that the Government may hold me fully liable if I fail to abide by the above terms. In that event, the Government may confiscate any property that I have not previously surrendered to it, and may imprison me for a period of time to be determined by the Government. I also agree that the Government may alter the terms of this contract at any time.





Copyright 1989 by Robert E. Alexander.

May be distributed freely.


I never signed it. Would you? Is a contract valid if signed at the bad end of a gun? Look it up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 11: Apologetico 2

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This week I offer you another installment of Apologetico. More arguments FOR the existence of "God," and more music.

  • Robot 1: Arguments for God
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
  • GE--The Answer
  • Enoch Light--Mas Que Nada
  • The Four Skins--Her Vagina
  • Perez Prado--Tico Tico
  • DD 3-23 A Civil Discussion
  • My Hamburger Baby -- A Song Poem
  • Reverend Jeremiah--Jesus Needs Your Money
  • Mickey Katz and His Kosher Jammers--Tico Tico
  • Enoch Light--Marrakesh Express
  • Nino Ferrer--Le Telefon
  • Lesley Gore -- You Don't Own Me
  • Enturbulator 009 -- Make More Money
  • Kathleen Hanna/Julie Ruin--Stay Monkey
  • Josie and the Pussycats--Inside, Outside, Upside Down
  • Los Aquarius--Get Back
  • Enoch Light-- Monday Monday
  • Karl Zero-Rico Vacilon
  • Jackson Sisters--I Believe in Miracles
  • Serge Gainsbourgh and Brigitte Bardot--Harley Davidson
  • Enoch Light--It was a Very Good Year

Mickey Katz
Proofs of God
A Civil Discussion

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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Baldwin goes Cameron

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Thanks to J-Walk Blog for this. This is lovely, and creepy, and horrible, all at the same time.

Stephen Baldwin, famous for being the mentally ill Baldwin, is a born again, eXTREme Christian. You bet he is. I know, because I went to his MySpace site. I read "his" blog. I saw "his" webpage, Stephen Baldwin.com. *You know it has to be him, and not an assistant, because he calls himself "Stevie B," and he overuses elipses like a real actor would! He's sooooooooo cool! Praise the Lord, he will win so many super-cool rock 'n' roll teens through his exTREEEEEM minstry! Rock on!

He's also a poet:

what i see

im so pissed sorry but ... i can feel the spirit weeping ... for the lost ...

no wonder the wrath is coming ... i have this passion for all the kids ...

out there ... who are coming to nothing ... if you look you can see the

innocence in there eyes... believing that they're free ... Gods Word ...

is true ... it is the only true freedom !!! if you seek it with your whole

heart ... only then will you be completely free ... the out pouring of the

Holy Spirt is coming !!! thank you JESUS !!!

Stevie B? It's Brian Wilson on the phone. He wants....never mind, you get the picture.

* No, the mysterious Handsome Man-Ghost is not Chris Gains. It's Stevie B! Fly!

Vox Populi Episode 18

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This week on Vox Populi, we talk about Choosing to worship God, genetic testing and belief, holy books, and anecdotes about the religious.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hellbound Alleee Show 117: The DEBATE of the CENTURY! Reverend Ivan Stang vs Reverend Jeremiah

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By DIVINE DECREE of the offhand comment by "BOB," The HELLBOUND ALLEEE SHOW welcomes a faithful friend of "Bob," the MOST REVEREND Ivan STANG, of the CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS, and the DEPRAVED PURVEYOR of "Organized Religion," REVEREND JEREMIAH. Together they've come to tell us we are DOOMED to HELL. It just depends upon which hell will have us. We learn WHAT'S IN THE PIPE, and why pinks always want to know that. We learn of slack, and we find out just how PERVERSE, and just what DELICIOUS KINKS congeal in the grey jellies of the MIND OF REVEREND JEREMIAH.

Praise SWEET BABY JESUS, and PRAISE BOB, and FUCK 'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE. (Or burn in Slacklessness.)


Or find it on our ARCHIVE PAGE.

Friday, August 11, 2006

New Mix: Blows Purge

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Here is a mix I made in anticipation for this week's Hellbound Alleee Show, with guests Ivan Stang of The Church of the Subgenius, and the Reverend Jeremiah.

Enjoy Blows Purge the Innermost Soul

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 10: Fundies Go Bananas

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This week I give you more fun with fundies!

  • Fundie 1
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey--The Savers
  • Tiny Tot Calvin--Cowboy for Jesus--Aunt Bertha's Christian kids' storytime
  • Fundie 2
  • The Stanford Fleet Street Singers-- Dancing Queen
  • Le Tigre--My My Metrocard--Le Tigre
  • Fundie 3
  • Sun Ra and the Blues Project--Batman Theme
  • Alison Randall--Insolitology Article about Jack Chick
  • Ralph Lowe -- Believe in God Until You Die
  • Fundie 4
  • Herb Alpert--Spanish Harlem--Herb Alpert Volume 2
  • The Bran Flakes--Dear Mom and Dad
  • Fundie 5
  • The Three Suns--Chanson d'Amour
  • Merril Womach--He Touched Me
  • Fundie 6
  • Armando Trovaioli-Il Profeta
  • Witchita Lineman -- Optiganally Yours
  • Fundie 7
  • Chris Joss--You've Been Spiked--Ursula 3000
  • Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra--Cheerful Little Earful
  • Fundie 8
  • Leo Diamond--Three Coins in a Fountain--Subliminal Sounds
  • Kunstler Treu--If Jesus Came --Two Zombies Later
  • Fundie 9
  • Jimmie McGriff --Spinning Wheel --Electric Funk
  • Henri Rene -- On the Sunny Side of the Street -- Dynamic Dimensions

Why Fidelity Podcast
Pastor McPurvis
The Three Suns
Leo Diamond
If Jesus came to your house
Jack Chick article
Aunt Bertha's singtime

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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Precious Hitler Moments Bible Hits the Stacks!

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Nazi Bible Unearthed

An institute in Germany has unearthed a Nazi bible ordered by Adolf Hitler to replace the old and new testaments expunged of all references to Jews.

Hitler's race theorists even rewrote the 10 commandments and added two more for good measure in the book called ’German with God’ which was – alongside Hitler’ s autobiography – meant to be required reading in every home in his Third Reich.

Thou shalt not kill, coveting one's neighbour's wife, thou shalt not steal and all other others were scrapped by a regime that stole, murdered and plundered its way across the world.

Hitler admired the ceremony and majesty of the church – he admitted as much in Mein Kampf – but hated its teachings which had no place in his vision of Germanic supermen ruling lesser races devoid of 'outdated' concepts such as mercy and love.

But he knew the power of the church in Germany and even he could not banish it overnight. He was even forced to abandon the systematic murder of the handicapped and insane before the war when outspoken bishops began to speak against it.

Instead his plan was to gradually 'Nazify' the church beginning with a theological centre he set up in 1939 to rewrite the Holy Bible. He appointed lackey professors to work on a thoroughly Nazi version that would remove all references to Jews and all compassion.

Their brief: 'The cleanse church texts of all non-Ayran influences.' The first to go were the 10 Commandments. The Nazi 12 run: "Honour God and believe in him wholeheartedly. Seek out the peace of God. Avoid all hypocrisy. Holy is your health and life! Holy is your wellbeing and honour! Holy is your truth and fidelity! Honour your father and mother – your children are your aid and your example. Keep the blood pure and your honour holy! Maintain and multiply the heritage of your forefathers. Always be ready to help and to forgive. Honour your Fuehrer and master! Joyously serve the people with work and sacrifice. That is what God wants from us!" More important for Hitler, however, was the eradication of Jewish words, including Hallelulja, Jehova and even Jerusalem – it was instead termed the ’ the eternal city of God.’ "The book will have to serve the fight against the immortal Jewish enemy!" said Hitler in a memorandum to the institute in Eisenach.

Hansjoerg Buss of the Nordelbischen Church Office discovered the Bible in an archive search.

It was printed in 1941 by a company in Weimar and was shipped out to thousands of churches across Nazi-occupied Europe. It is understood most have been destroyed.

The name of the office Hitler created to shape the Bible in his image was the 'Institute for the research and removal of the Jewish influence on German church life.' One of the major tasks was to ignore Jesus’ Jewish roots and turn him into an Ayran. Other words specifically banned by Hitler’s race-haters were Zion, Hosanna, Galilee and Moses.

One order found in the archives for a special exhibition in Eisenach of the institute’s bizarre work came from Walter Grundmann, the anti-Semitic director appointed by Hitler.

He wrote in 1941: "The Bible must become Jew-free and the German people must see that the Jews are the mortal enemy who threaten their very existence."

Hymn books were also trawled and 'Ayranised' with no references to make the party elite balk during the few times they were ever likely to find themselves in a Christian church.

At its height, a team of 50 worked on re-writing hymn books and the Bible. But it was all a charade as far as Hitler and his S.S. chief Heinrich Himmler were concerned.

Both dreamed of being overlords of an essentially pagan society where the only virtues to be praised were iron hardness and a capability to obey any order, no matter what. "Human kindess and the moral compass as set by the Bible were laughable to them," said Ulrich Messner, a Nazi expert.

The King James Bible is a little under 800 pages in paperback form. The Nazi 'Bible' was 750 pages, after the references to Jews had been banished and Nazi "improvements" added.

Be sure to read the comments on the page. Apparently, the purity of the "original bible," whatever that's supposed to be, is retained. A comment by Francois? "Well, the twelve commendments is a mild improvement."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why Aren't BlackStar and Mark Spittle Ever Seen Together? Rocco DiPippo's The Autonomist Tells All!

The Autonomist:
Mark Spittle : Leftist Superhero Extraordinaire

There's not much else for me to say. I just...I was just never so pathetic as this, and I'm pretty pathetic.

Just a note: Francois Tremblay is not an objectivist nor is he a right-winger. But this stuff is gold. Read it.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Last You'll Hear From Me on This

So Larry Darby has converted to Christianity and is closing down his law center? Well, as I write this, I don't know if it's true or not. I don't know if anything at all that has been said about Larry Darby is true, because all I have read is second-hand, rumour. None from Larry Darby himself. I don't know. So I'm not going to shoot my mouth about what he thinks or doesn't think.

But here's what I will shoot my mouth about. I'm sick of reading what "other atheists" say about him. It's nothing but collectivist rhetoric about Larry Darby having some kind of responsibility to think like and agree with "atheists" as if there is some kind of worldview at work here. Christians: these atheists are suffering from the same affliction as you. They think that they are a part of something big, and that that something is more important than they are. Atheism is not a collective, not a worldview, not a philosophy. Can we be human beings, please?

Larry Darby, as far as I'm concerned, can be as stupid and wrong as he wants to. He wouldn't be much different from the rest of us. I never wanted a representative, and no one else should want one, either. That does not mean that I have a responsibility or a duty to "the atheist community" to chime in and bullshit about something that I know nothing about, in order to fall in lockstep with other unbelievers. I have my information about the holocaust, etc, but why in hell should I have the least bit of interest in what Larry Darby says or thinks, because he once didn't believe in gods? I didn't have the duty to support him before, and I do not accept the duty to trash him now.

The reason I'm saying this is because many atheists around me seem very eager to join into ridiculous schisms, and Larry Darby is apparently a real convenient way to be a part of that. I have no problem with people having arguments--obviously. But "we're" not that cool, folks. This is not east coast/west coast. This would be the real courageous stand to take against holocaust deniers. That's like requiring me to state at the beginning of each show that I am against killing babies. Do we have time for this?

I will try and present my work for all of you whether you've made an official statement against someone who may or may not be an "anti-semite" (whatever that means) or not. Why the fuck should I care? I just want everyone to hear my work. If someone says something dumb, we're going to argue aggressively against it. But politics is stupid, and fake. Count me out.

Hellbound Alleee Show 116: Our Very Own Vox Populi

This week, Francois and I welcome, for the first time, Adrian Marza, our friend from our Vox Populi team, to discuss questions from episodes of Vox Populi. We ask about knowing the date and time of our death, the morality of other species, and of all things, Santa Claus.

Download Show 116

Attention Podcast Listeners:
The shows will no longer be published on seperate podcasts. Instead, they will all be published under the same feed, The Hellbound Alleee Network . Now you can hear Hellbound Alleee, Vox Populi, and Mondo Diablo from the same feed. 


Friday, August 04, 2006

Christian Nostaligia Part One: Grace

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A Warning to Breeders: this is what will trip y'all up. You get yourself a kid before you ever had the chance to understand thoroughly why you chose to leave a faith behind. Then you go and get yourself knocked up. You start to nest, and you fall into the nostalgia trap.

Who cares about reality? You've got a role to fill! You're a mother, and if you do ONE THING WRONG WITH THIS KID YOU'LL HATE YOURSELF FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! So, away with the sex toys, back to the town you swore you'd never set foot in again, and you start thinking, "Power inbalance? Physical abuse? Who cares? I deserved it, and my parents did the best they could." You get scared, and you release your personal moral autonomy--it takes a village, right? And what about Christmas? Well, fear no more!

Have you ever heard an atheist reminisce, or complain that being a Christian was so much fun? All those great benefits to being a christian there are, that we are now missing out on?

Well, I've done Christmas to death, and I'm sure to kill it deader around next christmas, but here's the first installment in my series: You Are Not Missing Squat, Unbeliever, And if You Are, You Are A Dope, My Friend.

Saying Grace

Isn't it nice? Stopping a moment to look at the food and really appreciate it before you shovel it in your mouth. Isn't that what a family is...


A family sits around the table. A family stops and appreciates each other, smells the food, bows their heads in humility and gives thanks for the food. What could possibly be wrong in that, and why the hell am such a cynical curmudgeon to take that lovely tradition away from people? Maybe we atheists should ALL do it too? Maybe being a Christian isn't so bad?

Well, I'll tell you.


Toasts. People gather around the table, eating food, drinking wine, and someone raises a glass. To being together. To the happy couple. To our health and happiness! To the cook! What aren't they doing that makes them miss the lovely moment that the family saying grace gets? They are looking at each other with smiles, not bowing their heads. They are acknowledging the reality of the moment, the food and the friendship, not making a spell over their food, or appealing to a feared ghost, begging him to make their food edible, and to keep them together. "Blessing" the food. The toast is not a spell over the food, but an acknowledgement of it. Toasts are fun. Grace is mandatory. Toasts can be made by anyone. Grace is generally either done by the one holding power in the family, or assigned to a family member by the most powerful. Both are rituals, both are about food.

So, atheists, what are we missing? The only thing here is what I've heard in complaints by ex-christians who still aren't quite sure why--the force is gone. I've heard ex-christians lament that atheists just aren't forced to do what's good for them, like stopping to appreciate the blessings in their lives. Unfortunately, folks, that's what I hear from most of you. But I have to ask: where's the appreciation when you're forced? (If you don't know why freedom is such a big deal, keep reading. I'm gonna pound it into you in the next few days. I can't force you, though.)

Certainly, the coercion exists in group dynamics involving toasts. But I wanted to start simple, ease you in. If you have an aspect of Christianity that you think is essentially missing in an athiest's life, comment in this blog.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Announcing New Streamlined Podcast: Hellbound Alleee Network

For all of you who subscribe to our feeds, make a note: all podcasts, shows, and other recordings from our little world will be published on one streamlined podcast: The Hellbound Alleee Network. There will be no more updates to the Mondo Diablo or Vox Populi feeds, but they will be published on our old Hellbound Alleee Show Feed at The Hellbound Alleee Network.

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Thanks, and I hope it will be a smooth transition, and easier for all of us.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mondo Diablo Episode 9: Mondo Hubbardo


This week, LeeWood Thomas joins me to help make this, the 9th episode of Mondo Diablo: Mondo Hubbardo. I take the best of Hubbard that I can find, add a review of The History of Man, Hubbard's book, a success story by Heber Jentsch, and a horror story (and recording!) by a Starbucks employee.

  • L Ron Hubbard--The Van Allen Belt
  • Jean-Jacques Perrery--The Savers
  • Santo&Johnny--Slave Girl--Santo & Johnny
  • L Ron--BT's (Body Thetans)
  • Le Tigre--Phanta--Le Tigre
  • Santo & Johnny--Sleepwalk
  • Jefferson Starbucks--We Built This Starbucks
  • L Ron Hubbard--Venusloc
  • Bud Wattles--Gunsmoke--Themes From the Hip
  • Ted Nichols--The Man Called Flintstone
  • L Ron Hubbard--Roman Catholicism
  • Laurie Johnson--Caesar Smith--Sound Gallery II
  • Review of The History of Man--Perrey/Kingsley--Carousel of the Planets
  • Enturbulator 009--OT3--Scientology Sucks
  • L Ron Hubbard-Dumping
  • Marty Manning--The Twilight Zone--The Twilight Zone: A sound Adventure in Space
  • Francois Tremblay--Hubbard's Greatest Hits
  • L Ron Hubbard--Jupiter
  • Horse Which Laughs Friday--Martial Solal
  • The Avalanches--Frontier Psychiatrist
  • L Ron Hubbard--Helicopter
  • Big Jim Sullivan--The Wild One--Lord Sitar
  • Harry Nilsson--Everybody's Talkin'--Midnight Cowboy
  • L Ron Hubbard--DC-8's
  • Koichi Oki--Bridge Over Troubled Water--Yamaha Superstar
  • Don Mimmo--Bang, Bang, Bang

Santo & Johnny
We Built This Starbucks
Enturbulator 009
Scientology Glossary
Scientology Success Stories
Scientology Review: The History of Man

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Download in 96

Sure-Fire Christian Argument: Defeats Atheists Every Time! Whoo Hoo!

Download Audio

Christian Intellectual? Or just poor guy who put his image up on the web?

Hey Christians! Why don't YOU try the argument that can't be beat! It is all-powerful, iron-clad, lead coated so even Superman Atheist can't see through it!

It's called "Move the Goal-Posts!"

As you may not know, Christians, there are about 30,000 sects of Christianity. Well, that's not too bad considering your source material's clarity of language. The good news is you now have Personal Relationship Christianity! If an atheist somehow manages to defeat the doctrines of all 30,000 churches, you can be comforted in the knowledge that with New Personal Relationship Christianity, there are roughly 1,959,594,518 different christian doctrines out there! 2 billion different Jesuses, a few more different Gods! How could an atheist possibly defeat that?

So next time an atheist questions biblical doctrine, just tell 'em "you know nothing about christianity." Hey: neither do you, using that logic, but does the atheist have to know? Hell, no!

Just in case you are interested in odds and such, you'd better stay away from trying to calculate the odds that you've got that one in a couple billion that's on the money. (Or one in 6 billion: after all...) 'Cause it could be that your atheist is gonna be your neighbor in the afterlife.