Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mondo 46: It's No Secret: You're a Gullible Twit!


Mondo Diablo 46
It's No Secret That You're a Gullible Twit

The Secret
Alleee Open
Trude Herr—Weil Ich So Sexy Bin
The Secret 1
John Froman—Wall Street
RC Cola—Truck Driver
The Secret 2
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited—Snake Charmer
Tina Charles—I Love to Love
The Secret 3
Dmitri from Paris vs Kelis—Moogy Milkshake
Dudley Moore—The Real Stuff
The Secret 4
Gershon Kingsley—It Ain't Necessarily So
The Secret 5
Armando Trovaioli—Il Profeta
Bobby Conn—King for a Day (and which cult-celebrity is he singing about?)
The Secret 6
Valjean—Mashmellow Pudding—Mashin' The Classics
A Tech Support Call: Prince Charles, the Antichrist—"Jesus"
The Secret 7
Goddard High School—In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Do You Believe in God Remix—with Little Markie
The Secret 8
Bacharach Baroche—Casino Royale
Flavia and the Motonets—Mariposa
The Secret 9
Joe "Fingers" Carr—Zambesi
RC Cola—Blacksmith
The Secret 10
Alleee End

If You Visualize Yourself With this MP3, It Will Come to You: No Exceptions

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